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Runs with CHRISTMAS Scissors

August 9, 2014


Do you hear what I hear? It’s Christmas carols. Do you see what I see? The Penny Black blog is decorated for Christmas! I wasn’t certain what my scissors and I would be doing today, but since it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I’m in the mood for making Christmas cards! I guess the baking isn’t done yet; I haven’t spotted the cookies and fudge.

Christmas in August? No, but it is time to start thinking about making your cards, doing a few at a time so there is less stress in December. I’ve combined my Christmas stamps with stamps and dies from the Pocket Treasures collection. The stamps and dies in this release are versatile enough to be used for many occasions.


I’ve embossed the Decadence background stamp onto red cardstock and added the embossed poinsettia with a snowflake center. I added some “love” from the Texting die set.

Christmas cards give us a chance to be fancier than usual. It’s fun to add some bling, a few embellishments and die cuts. Bright red cardstock with velvet ribbon trim is very traditional for the season.


I’ve colored the patchwork bird from the Christmas Harmony set with Copic markers, added layers to his tummy and wing, and cut the “25” from the By the Numbers die. I love the non-traditional Christmas colors with just a touch of traditional green and red.


I’ve used the large medallion from the Dazzler stamp set as a background for the nativity cling stamp Peace on Earth. I’ve embossed the Peace die cut by laying it onto my VersaMark ink pad and then laying it into a little amount of platinum embossing powder for a metallic look. The figures are colored with Copic markers.

I enjoy taking my time creating Christmas cards … sometimes. There are other times I need to work quickly, in assembly line style to make multiples of the same design. Here are two cards that could easily be made quickly and in quantity.


For this card I stamped the woodblock stamp Song of Joy onto some shimmery gray-purple cardstock, mounted it onto a white card base and added the Merry Christmas sentiment. It’s easy peasy because Penny Black has done most of the work putting together this lovely collage.


The beautiful image Holly Concert could have been the only image on this card, but I wanted to add a little more interest. I used the house diecut from Shades embossed with platinum embossing powder using the same technique as described above. I added the bright pink Liquid Pearls and pop dotted the pink heart. Quick and easy does not have to mean boring.

I’m excited to have five cards done and ready to mail out in December.   But a little fudge would have made the scissors go faster.

I hope my cards give you some ideas for making your own. When you have the luxury of time to spend on one card, enjoy the process of dressing it up. When you are short on time or have many cards to make, find a design that lends itself to the assembly line process. Do all of your die cutting at once, stamp and emboss all images, trim everything to size and then assemble. The Penny Black Christmas images look lovely when heat embossed and don’t always need to be colored or cut out.

It seemed strange to be making Christmas cards when the temperature is approaching 90 degrees. And then I remembered our friends “down under” who always experience Christmas during their summer month of December. It makes my brain hurt just to think about December being a summer month, and Christmas a summer holiday.

Well, summer or winter, Christmas is a special day around the world. We take time out from the ordinary to create something extraordinary. Christmas is also made up of memories of holidays past. I was blessed to have many years of Christmas with my kids, both when they lived at home and for some years after they left for college and then went on to create their own families. It wasn’t until we retired and became fulltime RV’ers that Christmas really changed for me. We no longer had a home where we could host the family. So now we gather at one house or another; maybe on Christmas or maybe a day that works better for everyone. The past two years we traveled to Evie’s house and this year we will be welcoming Evie’s baby brother… the ultimate Christmas present.

Cooper heard all the talk about Christmas and decided to be helpful in his own doggy way. Unfortunately, he forgot about the pre-lit tree.


“Isn’t anyone going to help me?”

It is time to put the scissors away, clean up my scraps and restore order to the work room. I will untangle Cooper and help him set up the other tree.


“All’s well that ends well.”

Oh, my! Look what I found under the red cardstock … a plate of fudge! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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21 Comments leave one →
  1. Darlyne Wagner permalink
    August 9, 2014 2:54 am

    Love all five cards but especially the manger/magi one. You are so talented, Judy, and with Cooper to help there will be lots of festivity this Christmas. Just don’t let him get into the fudge!

  2. dawnnz permalink
    August 9, 2014 3:22 am

    fantastic post as usual Judy. Poor Cooper… glad you got him untangled. Some stunning Christmas cards… I told myself I didn’t need more Christmas stamps but oh my goodness… these are all adorable

  3. Dianne Crowe permalink
    August 9, 2014 3:49 am

    Love your work, you are already of Christmas. Cooper must be the most patient dog and so adorable.

  4. Deanna Morgan permalink
    August 9, 2014 4:56 am

    Love all your Christmas card samples! But the PEACE card really grabbed by heart! Thanks for sharing your lovely work. (and the bird card is so sweet, and the red card, and…..) Oh my gosh! I could go on and on!

  5. Scott schmidlkofer permalink
    August 9, 2014 6:21 am

    Mother, Merry Christmas! did you make spam rolls? loved the cards, can’t wait until you are all here celebrating with a new grand son! love Your Son, Scott

  6. jmhave44 permalink
    August 9, 2014 8:51 am

    Each of these cards were so inspiring, and loved the way you’ve combined ‘non-Christmas’ stamps to add lots of flair. Especially loved the treatment on the nativity themed card, and the little birds combined with the brown ‘gingerbread’ house was adorable (plus I have those birds! Hmmm!) TFS & hugs to Cooper. (ps. how do you have room for all your craft supplies in an RV? I have a big basement and still run out of room, and do not make even close to the amount of cards that you do!)

    • judka permalink
      August 9, 2014 9:34 am

      Hi. I’m so happy you stopped by! We are no longer living in an RV, but when we did, I had to confine my craft supplies to what would fit under the bed! We now have a brick home without wheels and I have filled up one of the bedrooms! But somehow I always make room for more stuff!

  7. Donna Whitten permalink
    August 9, 2014 9:17 am

    Loved your Christmas cards, even though I’m not mentally ready for Christmas yet. Poor Cooper all tangled in the lights, I know the feeling.

  8. August 9, 2014 9:32 am

    What an entertaining post and educational too. Love these little Saturday sojourns with you. Goes without saying how lovely your cards are. Just beautiful. And Cooper looks like he owns Christmas.

  9. August 9, 2014 12:59 pm

    Each card is beautiful and so perfectly unique! Love them all! When Cooper’s done setting up your tree send him my way, Digby is not very good with breakable stuff 🙂

  10. Kathy Schmidlkofer permalink
    August 9, 2014 1:04 pm

    Mom, so glad you are getting into Christmas so early. What wonderful cards! Are you ready for my Christmas list yet?
    Your loving daughter, Kathy

  11. alexandra s.m. permalink
    August 9, 2014 2:31 pm

    How wonderful Judy!
    I especially appreciate the way you’ve combined various sets of stamps and dies
    Thank You for yet another wonderful and fun post!

  12. Linda S. in NE permalink
    August 9, 2014 3:17 pm

    Hi Judy and Cooper,
    I was interested in hearing how you handled your craft supplies while you were making a RV your only home. Have you ever watched the television show, Tiny House Nation? (I think that is the name of it). I often wonder why those people don’t just live in an RV for six months to a year before selling almost all their possessions and building a “tiny house”. Some of the structures are under two hundred square feet for a couple and their small child. I have to wonder if they have really thought things through!! Hugs to Cooper…tell him to get his swimsuit and surfboard back out…it’s Summer!!!!

    • judka permalink
      August 9, 2014 3:40 pm

      Linda, I should have been more clear .. we were full time RV’ers for five years but now live in a solid, stationary brick home. In the RV I had only the space under the bed for my craft supplies. Now I have an entire bedroom including a large closet that is getting pretty full!! But who can resist Penny Black stamps and dies??

  13. Linda S. in NE permalink
    August 9, 2014 3:18 pm

    Whoops, I forgot to say how much I like the first red card. Just striking!

  14. August 9, 2014 4:04 pm

    What a great post, Judy! Cooper stole the show, of course–LOL! That first card is my favorite–red & white, poinsettia with snowflake & velvet ribbon–wowzer–fabulous combination!

  15. mjmarmo permalink
    August 9, 2014 5:49 pm

    Gorgeous cards!!

  16. Scott schmidlkofer permalink
    August 9, 2014 6:32 pm

    Kathy i can’t belie you signed your post ” your loving daughter” like she has any kids that don’t’the love her? Would any of us post your non loving son? Rookie mistake.

  17. August 9, 2014 9:18 pm

    Beautiful cards as always, Judy. From the intricate to the easy-to-mass-produce, love all the designs you’ve created. Poor Cooper, he really does look like he needs some help with the lights for that adorable tree. Love the patchwork bird in the non-traditional colors!

  18. August 10, 2014 6:17 am

    Oh my…..a great group of cards again today, but wowzers on the red poinsettia card…I mean really…only you would have thought of putting the snowflake as the flower center. I notice you didn’t offer to share the fudge.

  19. Anne permalink
    August 12, 2014 5:57 am

    Beautiful cards – maybe I ought to start on my Christmas cards! Just didn’t think it was that time yet – where’s the year disappearing to?!

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