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Runs with “Throwback” Scissors

February 20, 2016


Hello, Penny Black friends! I am here with “Throwback Saturday”. Today I have picked some of my favorite Penny Black stamps, dies and papers to play with. While I love the new release “So Special”, I just have to ink up some favorites one more time.


Who can resist a pretty in pink birthday card? I started with designer paper from the Painted Blooms paper pad. The bottom layer of the butterfly, a diecut using the Flights of Fancy die, was colored with Memento Luxe inks. The delicate top layer was cut from vellum with the Swirling Wings die. Love the generous size of these butterfly dies.


For this card I went bold. That gorgeous bloom is from the Come Rain or Shine transparent set. I amputated the leaves from the bloom and diecut leaves from the Leaves die set. A girl can’t have too many floral stamps and Penny Black does them best.


This image from Mimi’s Many Loves transparent set is one of eight Penny Black umbrella images in my collection. This time I paper-pieced the umbrella and the cute couple’s outfits. It’s a simple design that allows the image to take center stage.

Chapter 3: Even More Problems with Liquids (continued)

 Last week’s chapter ended with our RV sporting brand new insulation and lining after our black tank disaster in Maine.

Maine was not all about black water and repairs. I remember thinking as I gazed at the rugged coastline and water that it would be impossible for anyone from Maine to be content to live anywhere else. There is no place like it.

Labor Day was quickly approaching and all RV parks in the area were full for the holiday. R made arrangements for us to spend the long weekend at a family campground in St. Martins, New Brunswick Canada. We would spend the weekend camping on the shore of the Bay of Fundy.


What a magnificent place to spend the holiday. The Bay of Fundy is known for having the highest tide range in the world: a 55 foot surge. What a privilege to observe this phenomenon and enjoy the beach, the waves and the seashells. We also enjoyed the small nearby restaurant serving the best Fish ‘n Chips ever. So delicious and so reasonably priced we treated ourselves to the same meal every evening we were there.

But now the holiday was drawing to a close and Mr. RWS and I were invited to R and S’s trailer for one last evening of dominoes before we hit the road again.

Note: RV’ers play a lot of dominoes. And card games. And Bocci Ball. And shuffleboard. And some RV’ers even golf.

After a couple of hours it was time for Mr. RWS and I to return to our own RV for a good night’s sleep before pulling out in the morning.

Can you imagine our surprise when we stepped into our RV home and discovered an inch of water covering the surface of the living area? We should have known something was wrong when the RV steps were dripping water. It was not a pretty picture, Dear Reader.

We quickly checked the kitchen faucet: nope, not the culprit this time. The bathroom faucet was tightly closed, too. That only left … the toilet!

Yes, the foot pedal that flushed the toilet had stuck, which allowed the water to continuously flow into the toilet and when the bowl was full, to flow downward into the living and kitchen areas of the trailer. We had our personal Bay of Fundy high tide.

 Note: Toilets in RV’s are flushed using a foot pedal at the base of the toilet. There is no handle on a water tank like we are used to in our homes. Talk to me about how long it took us to unlearn the “flushing with my foot” procedure.

We immediately shared our bad news with R and S, needing their help to mop up. I thought if we each had a bucket and could soak up water using towels that we could get the job done before morning.

I was surprised how calmly R took the news. After all, he was once again being dragged into a problem with liquids that was no fault of his. Instead of looking angry or annoyed, R had a rather smug look on his face as he opened the under storage area of his RV. After pulling out plastic totes of supplies, camping chairs, extra hoses, tool box, and bowling balls … wait! Were those bowling balls? Did R really keep their bowling balls?

Well, right after the bowling balls, R reached in and pulled out his …. Shop Vac! Dear Reader, RV’ers are cautioned early and often to limit the amount of cargo carried in your RV. There are weight limits set for safety and fuel economy. I doubt at that time there was even one other person RV’ing that had bowling balls and a Shop Vac in the cargo storage area of their RV. But how could I give R a hard time when the ShopVac was just what we needed?

We sucked up as much of the water as we could and finished drying out the interior space with chamois type towels.

However, we now realized that all that water had leaked down into our brand new insulation and liner. Mr. RWS and I looked at each other in total dismay and finally gave each other a nod. The insulation situation was terminal.

Because of the large amount of water under the RV, we decided that it was best if we drained as much as we could before pulling out the insulation. The men jacked up the front of the trailer as high as it would go, leaving our RV in a “heads up” position. Picture, if you will, a praying mantis, because that is what our trailer looked like. And water was pouring out the back end.

By this time I was nearly hysterical from the stress, work, worry and irony of the situation. I was terrified the managers of the campground would come around to see what we were up to and possibly evict us that night. Once again we were illegally dumping water. Quickly I came up with an explanation for the weird position of our RV.

I would tell the manager and anyone else who inquired that our RV was subject to anxiety the night before any long trip and the only way to induce calm was to rub its tummy, therefore, the need for the upright position. Who could argue with such a story?

While the trailer was in a near standing position, Mr. RWS slashed the new lining and removed the sodden insulation. We discarded $500 worth of garbage bags that night.

As planned, we set out the next morning spending a week meandering our way back to the United States enjoying gorgeous scenery, visiting National parks, picnicking on a sandy beach (in the wind, giving new meaning to the word “sand”wich).

We were finally headed to Pennsylvania and from there we would head to Camping World in New Jersey to have our awning replaced. I have spared you the awning story.

Note: Experienced RV’ers never leave the awning up when gone from the RV for the day. A strong wind can come up anytime and do serious damage. And it did.

Along the way we stopped at a rest stop to check in with family by pay phone. At the bank of phones we met a very friendly couple who were also full time RV’ers and were on their way to New York City to take a tour, beginning the next morning with the World Trade Center. We had a friendly chat with them, wished them well on their travels and headed to our stop in Pennsylvania.

I was anxious to get the awning repairs done so we could proceed to the destination after New Jersey: the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Our reservation was for September 12th.

It was now September 10th, 2001. We would resume our trip East the next morning.



Easter arrives early this year and this Easter Friends slapstick stamp is one of my favorite Easter/spring images. I used my Koi watercolors and even ventured to do a watercolor wash for the background.


I have said this many times before about a Penny Black image, but this teddy bear from the slapstick stamp Sunshine in the Rain is one of my favorite Penny Black stamps of all time. This time I colored him with the Koi watercolors that were sitting on the desk. I am proud of the puddle I created for him to stand in.


These images are from the Mimi in Paris transparent set, but I think this time it is Cooper in Paris. “Cooper” is colored using Copic markers and the Eiffel Tower was fussy cut from watercolor paper that I colored using my ink blender and Memento Luxe inks. Guess I need to keep a closer eye on Cooper.


Well, Cooper is back from his trip to Paris. He seems a bit jet-lagged and all he can talk about is the food. He isn’t going to be easy to live with for a while!!

Only time and space for a rapid Jung good-bye. See you at the Penny Circle Flickr Gallery where I love to browse.

Shop for today’s featured Penny Black supplies:

Stamps: 30-236 Come Rain or Shine, 30-091 Mimi’s Many Loves, 40-300 Easter Friends, 40-058 Sunshine in the Rain, 30-071 Mimi in Paris

Dies: 51-028 Celebration, 51-132 Flights of Fancy, 51-137 Swirling Wings, 51-002 Leaves, 51-027 Triple Banner

Designer Paper: 80-009 Painted Blooms

33 Comments leave one →
  1. Elaine Moore permalink
    February 20, 2016 12:15 am

    Love love love your story – don’t leave anything out! I’m amazed you two are still of sound mind…giggle

  2. Valerie permalink
    February 20, 2016 1:04 am

    I love your cards especially the” friends forever” one!!!

  3. February 20, 2016 1:28 am

    love the story of the RV and I am sure I have missed some of it. What I want to know is your crafting supplies must have been cut to a significantly small supply? I need a visual on that one. thank you for the cards and story.

    • judka permalink
      February 20, 2016 8:00 am

      Maureen, thank you for commenting today. It’s possible to search for Runs With Scissors on the PB blog sidebar … and catch up from the beginning three weeks ago. I had only been stamping for three years and hadn’t accumulated the roomful of craft supplies that I have now. Everything fit under the queen sized mattress on the bed. Things were much simpler then ..

  4. Mary Lehett permalink
    February 20, 2016 3:08 am

    Love reading your adventures! Oh my the adventures you have! Great cards!
    Happy Trails! Happy Tails!

  5. Jan D., FL permalink
    February 20, 2016 5:24 am

    Okay…you’ve convinced me…never any RV’ing for us. LOL Great cards and love Cooper always.

  6. Sue CD permalink
    February 20, 2016 5:35 am

    Oh my word! RV’ing newbies need a strong constitution and a positive attitude. You certainly had your share of troubles. Seems humorous to me but I wasn’t the one coping with it all. Thanks for sharing your stories, cards and Cooper. He is quite the dashing Frenchman.

  7. Marliese Zimmerman permalink
    February 20, 2016 5:42 am

    Love following your RV adventures (or, should I say, misadventures. You and Mr. RWS seem to be able to take everything in stride and laugh about it later.
    Your cards, as always, are awesome. Love the bear!

  8. mjmarmo permalink
    February 20, 2016 6:43 am

    This confirms why I would never want to be an RVer! You guys are troopers!

  9. Dianne Crowe permalink
    February 20, 2016 6:45 am

    Love to hear about your adventures. I know a little boy who would just love the card with the little chicks. Wonderful cards, glad to hear Cooper is back from Paris, so cute.

  10. Sheri K permalink
    February 20, 2016 8:07 am

    Adorable cards and even more adorable Cooper! Love hearing about your RV adventure, makes me NOT want to do it!

  11. Kathy H permalink
    February 20, 2016 8:08 am

    Whoa! I have stayed in an RV once and that was enough! You and Mr. RWS are brave!

  12. barbara lassiter permalink
    February 20, 2016 8:16 am

    Perseverance is the name of this story, I’m thinking! And I’m thinking we would have given up by now and decided that RV-ing was not for us. Great cards and Cooper makes an adorable little Frenchman! 🙂

  13. Harriet permalink
    February 20, 2016 8:23 am

    I can’t say which I enjoy more….your wonderful cards, photos of Cooper or your RV adventures. Those have brought back many memories-good and bad and bad, bad-of our RV years. Distance allows for the laughter!!!

  14. donna mikasa permalink
    February 20, 2016 8:28 am

    Now I know where you got your moxie spirit! I don’t think I would have survived one night in an RV, even if the toilet had a handle for flushing. And I just LOVE your watercolored cards, Judy! I think you should be getting more MT paper, too. 😉

  15. Cheryl Robertson permalink
    February 20, 2016 9:09 am

    Judy, I love your RV stories/mishaps. My husband and I are RVers and have had water issues too. Although we have learned from our mistakes, each trip it seems “something” happens with our fifth wheel. So, I get a good chuckle (sorry) when I read about yours. Keep on writing!
    Oh, and your cards are wonderful, as always 😊

  16. February 20, 2016 9:11 am

    Your RV adventure is keeping me in stitches & knocking on wood we never experience it–haha! Wonderful cards–perfect wc wash & more inspiration to help me get out Sunshine in the Rain! Happy weekend, Judy!

  17. DebbieP permalink
    February 20, 2016 9:22 am

    I really think you should write a book about your RVing adventures and it should be included with every RV anyone buys or rents. Mandatory reading! Luckily, our RV adventures were never to traumatic and our RV was almost 20 years old when we bought it, so we expected to have *stuff* happen. Looking forward to the next installment. Love today’s cards, especially the teddy bear. And how dashing is Mr. Cooper in his French beret?

  18. February 20, 2016 9:46 am

    And……another reason we finally sold our RV! Can you say “Money Pit”!!!

  19. February 20, 2016 10:14 am

    Wow, you have been busy. Look at all these wonderful cards. I, too, like that puddle you made as well as Cooper in Paree. He looks very dapper in his beret.
    Must say, I admire your fortitude…had it been me at this point in your RV adventures, I would have told my husband he’s just have to continue alone. Pick me up from whereever on his way back after he’d had enough of RV’s. You’re a good, loyal woman. I’d also probably have been drinking a lot. Geez…this sounds like Armageddon. Unfortunately, as this chapter ends, that’s what occured the next day.

  20. Debra permalink
    February 20, 2016 10:19 am

    Love your cards as always but I am addicted to your ongoing saga .. combined with your talent for storytelling, it makes a pretty attractive package. Cooper looks great with his beret!

  21. Jane permalink
    February 20, 2016 11:08 am

    I retire in 3 months with an RV dream I want to make happen. Keep on with your luscious cards but also tell me every detail of RV life. Please consider a post on what stamping supplies you took, how did you organize them, how was stamping in RV life different than in a home where all your supplies are available, what did you store for a potential return to a fixed location home, if you sold every art supply except what you took with you how did you make keep/sell decisions…
    Tell me everything about the rig too! We’re having the new vs. used discussions right now…

    • judka permalink
      February 20, 2016 4:32 pm

      Jane, we bought a used RV so that “in case we didn’t like RV’ing” we wouldn’t lose as much in depreciation when we sold it. Well, the kind of rig you are living in GREATLY affects how you will like RV’ing. If it is your only home, you want things to be nice and you don’t want to be embarrassed parking next to the lovely new models.

  22. February 20, 2016 11:50 am

    OH MY JUDY! LOL What a trip! I am learning a lot about RVing! Your cards are BEAUTIFUL!!!! LOOOOVE the bright bold colors. BEAUTIFUL WORK!!! 😉 (Just glad you made it HOME & Cooper TOO! ) 😉

  23. karenajo permalink
    February 20, 2016 3:25 pm

    Love the teddy bear in his puddle of water – very appropriate for your story !!! Learning SO MUCH from your stories. Hope you were not the only one having mis-adventures !!!

  24. creatingincolors permalink
    February 20, 2016 4:02 pm

    As always, love your cards. As others have already mentioned, you should really write a book on the “humor” (after the fact of course) of your RV adventures. True to life, though, it looks like your next installment will be sobering. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  25. February 20, 2016 5:25 pm

    Been waiting on the update, saw there was a post and thought wow….. Now on with the story. Love hhow you tell it, reminds me why I prefer 5 star accommodation. Cant wait for the next edition. Your cards are all wonderful, particularly love the first and how you did the butterfly. Keep up the good work, dont be too long on chapter three and keep happy.

  26. Cath permalink
    February 20, 2016 6:50 pm

    Great cards. “Old” is still new to me. The pieced umbrella is a charming idea. (Just saw the Kaffe Fassett exhibit at the Michener Museum today, so my head is still reeling with quilting delights.) After reading all the comments, I’ll just say, “what they said.” Only want to add a sad note that so many of us on the East Coast live in a version of Six Degrees of Separation from the events of 9-11-01. Knowing someone at one of the locations, or on their way there, or could have been there but weren’t that day, or they lived in the same city. We’d been to visit each general location earlier that year. It still is haunting, and sobering. As agonizing as it is to read of your travails, they still were only “things” and I’m glad you can look back and laugh now.

  27. ThePurplePlace permalink
    February 20, 2016 7:46 pm

    Love your cards and also totally enjoying the tales if Mr and Mrs RV, you write so well. Looking forward to the next installment

  28. dawnnz permalink
    February 21, 2016 12:03 am

    awesome cards and what adventures you had in RV days. I bet you are really glad to be staying put these days.

  29. February 21, 2016 1:11 pm

    As usual, your cards are beautiful and your RV stories just too, too funny. We have been “RVers” for several years and the “visuals” you paint are so easy to see. It is like camping right next door and watching it all unfold! Do so enjoy your blog. Cooper looks dashing in his tam.

  30. Lisa Haff permalink
    February 22, 2016 5:53 pm

    Hi Judy, Love your blog and I’m enjoying the RV trip story. You have a lot of patience!, I’m not sure I could have made that adjustment from home to RV. I think the space would feel a little too cozy.

  31. donna mikasa permalink
    February 23, 2016 11:21 pm

    The pic of Cooper is what distracted me from realizing “the date”. Now I’m waiting with baited breath for the continuation…..

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