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Runs with Scissors

October 29, 2016


Welcome everyone! Here we are again; ready to tear another page off the calendar. At last, there is a bit of an autumn nip in the air that has once and for all chased away the summer temperatures. I am so happy to be sharing time with you on the Penny Black blog. I don’t know what I’ve ever done to deserve these happy times, but I love every minute I spend here.

With the end of October comes Halloween. The last few years trick or treating here has been rained out, leaving Mr. RWS and I in a quandary about what to do with the candy that was meant for the ghosts and goblins. I’ve tried buying candy I don’t care for, but it is amazing how quickly I can adapt and eat it anyway. Mr. RWS is not so flexible and will do without rather than eat a non-favorite.

Since this is the last chance to share Halloween themed projects, I have done two.


Once a month at our church we Kitchen Angels prepare and host a lovely noon meal for about sixty senior citizens of our congregation. Besides the delicious meal there are door prizes. Because I once sent a handmade card to the Head Angel, she decided I was creative enough to be in charge of providing the prizes. There is a $5.00 limit on the value of the gifts, so a decorated bag is needed to add to the fun and excitement. I compare it to grade school when I had to turn in a less than satisfactory book report; I would make up for it by creating a great cover! With a surface as large as a gift bag, there is enough room to use everything Penny Black Halloween.


The Skyward cling stamp provides the roosting space for these Silly Birds dressed as ghosts. I cut them free from their shared branch and let them find their own spot in the leafless tree. That one Silly Bird still insisted on hanging upside down. Some people’s children (or birds)! The background is blended Luxe inks, a favorite background technique of mine.


No stamping necessary when you have two beautiful dies to work with. Because I believe in sparkle for Christmas cards, I’ve placed the purple Oh Holy Night diecuts onto sparkly silver paper. I stacked three layers of the Peaceful Wishes dove die cuts for dimension. I really enjoy how these two dies combine to make a simple but effective Christmas card. No stamping equals no smudging, a good thing when making cards in quantity.

This past week has been one to put in the “mundane” column. The dictionary defines “mundane” as dull, lacking in interest or excitement. Yes, that’s the right word for this past week. So much so that I am pressured to find something interesting enough to share with you today.

I will start with the quest to buy new glasses. It all began in August with my first eye exam and ordering the new glasses. It was obvious the first time I put them on that they were not the correct prescription, but gave it a couple of weeks before returning them and undergoing another exam. Sadly, this pair of glasses was also incorrect.

Since I believe you should not get more than two tries to get the prescription right, I moved on to another optical shop and once again underwent the exam and stress of choosing frames and placing an order. Unbelievably, the glasses were not done correctly. The bifocal part of the lens was too high and after several days of trying to accommodate to the visible line, I once again returned the glasses and I am now waiting for the revised lenses to come in.

In order not to waste the trip to the optical shop to return the glasses, Mr. RWS and I shopped the produce section of the big box store and began with the bagged carrots. I use a lot of carrots so immediately went to place the 3 lb. bag of “celo” carrots into my cart. Mr. RWS, the former math major, immediately noticed that while the 3 lb. bag sold for $3.99, the 2 lb. bag was priced at $1.49. He translated this for me to mean the carrots in the 3 lb. bag were $1.33 per lb, while the 2 lb. bag carrots sold for 75 cents per lb. Mr. RWS, however, was confused by the word “celo” on the larger bag and thought that might account for the higher price per lb. Dear Reader, I shared with him that “celo” referred to the cellophane packaging, not the quality of the carrots!

Now, I warned you this has been a mundane week! But that does not mean it was totally uninteresting. Ironically, my next adventure to the grocery store also involved carrots. On a mid-week trip to the store, I was eligible to use the Express lane for checkout. I was standing in line with two people ahead of me, when I noticed the lane next to mine had only one young man who was already in the process of checking out. I quickly moved into that lane, knowing how happy it would make Mr. RWS who was waiting in the parking lot while I shopped.

Oh, dear friends, never, ever try to “beat the system” and change lanes when checking out. It never turns out to be a good idea. The young man ahead of me was very tall, handsome and looked like a well dressed college student or even a young professor. However, since Huntsville has a large population of engineers of all types, he could have been a member of that profession, too. As it turned out, due to his precise measurement of the produce he was buying, I am willing to bet he is of the engineer persuasion.

The young man’s purchase consisted of several small plastic bags of small quantities of various produce items. Some chopped greens, small onion, tiny tomato and a small bag containing … wait for it … ONE carrot. I had a lot of time memorizing the contents of his order as the purchase of one carrot had totally stopped the check out process. The cashier was frantically looking for a sticker on the carrot and when that was unsuccessful, began going through every card and list of produce she could find at her register. Minutes were passing by and of course the line that I had vacated was moving along quickly. And Mr. RWS was waiting in the car.

I wanted to just scream out, “Give him the carrot!” but did not want to end up as a story, including a photo, on Facebook. You never know anymore; there are cameras everywhere.

Who buys only one carrot? How do you select the right carrot? And somewhere in that produce aisle, there is a bunch of carrots missing one of its own.

Anyway, after what seemed like forever, the cashier selected a series of numbers, entered them and charged the young man 17 cents for his carrot (I asked).

I congratulated the young woman at the register for her patience and persistence. And the first thing I said to Mr. RWS when I got into our car was, “You would not believe what just happened.” And he almost didn’t.

Coooper usually has only mundane weeks, but last week he created a bit of excitement when he went flying through the closed screen door on his way out to the backyard. Poor guy! There is no screened door on that exit throughout the summer as we never leave that door open due to air conditioning. With the cooler temps, the screen door is back in action and Cooper forgot what he learned last year: always check for the screen door.

The door was repairable and is back in place and you can be sure Cooper investigates before leaping through the doorway.


Readers beware! I bought a 12×12 pad of glittery paper at the local craft store. My intention was to buy a few sheets but when I discovered the price was $2.00 a sheet it made more sense to use my coupon and buy the whole pad of 30 sheets for the reduced price of $12.00. I love this bird on a holly branch from the Overjoyed cling stamp. I brought out the bottle of glitter and decorated the snowy branches with white enamel sprinkled with the glitter. The floor may sparkle well into the Easter season, but if I don’t use glitter at Christmas, when will I use it?


This bundled up sweetheart must be from Wisconsin or a neighboring state. Red is probably my favorite Christmas color and this young lady wears it well. I colored and fussy cut the Let’s Chill image and placed her in a snowy scene that included a Conifer tree and a single snowflake. Of course, more glittery paper and a glitter trimmed hat.


And here is the tenth Snowy card in my 2016 series of Snowy cards. This time his owl friend from the Wintertime Cheer transparent set is keeping an eye on things from his tree branch. We are now past the halfway mark for the Snowy project, which means Christmas is getting closer. Oh, and rumor has it that Mr. Snowy was a busy boy while visiting Sweden a while ago and as soon as we get the passports and visas worked out, I will introduce Snowy’s family. Did anyone suspect?


Cooper really is not one to dress up. He tolerates my occasional insistence of adding a hat, or maybe an eye patch for Halloween. I did put an entire fall wreath around his neck once. The secret to his posing for me and putting up with the occasional costume is not related to love and loyalty. The truth is, Cooper will do anything for food. Rawhide treats, chewies, leftovers, whatever … he knows when I am done taking photos, he will get a treat. So, as soon as he sees me with the camera in hand, he pays serious attention, almost deliberately offering different poses. Sometimes I am almost contrite about making him do something he really doesn’t want to, but that is fleeting and I realize there are a lot of working dogs out there that work harder for a treat than Cooper does. So here he is in his fireman’s hat, ready for Halloween and thinking about that treat!

It is time to clean up my mess. I may have another mundane week coming up, but this place will be busy all next week with some great projects that you won’t want to miss. The least I can do to help out is put everything back in its place. Of course, the scissors are safely stowed. I hope your week is filled with little joys and very few annoyances. I will be browsing the Penny Circle Flickr Gallery to see what awesome work you have done with your Penny Black stamps and dies.


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20 Comments leave one →
  1. Roxanne permalink
    October 29, 2016 2:48 am

    Love your glittery cards especially Lets Chill.
    No one can describe a mundane week as interestingly as you!

  2. Dianne Crowe permalink
    October 29, 2016 3:13 am

    Wonderful cards, especially the Christmas ones, gives me ideas to create with my own supplies.. Would be nice to see Cooper trick or treating at my door.

  3. October 29, 2016 4:01 am

    Oh my goodness, thanks for the smiles and chuckles! I can totally relate to your recent “mundane” activities. And, I love how Cooper’s nose looks just like a heart in that Halloween picture. Hugs to him!

  4. Sue CD permalink
    October 29, 2016 7:20 am

    I can totally relate to one carrot. I once bought one stalk of celery which caused all kinds of consternation in the grocery store. I probably use celery once a year at Thanksgiving to add to the stuffing, but the recipe I was trying called for celery and so that’s what I bought.
    I don’t like celery but knew the recipe needed some crunch. I too love red glitter on holiday cards. Cooper as always is just so cute!

  5. Harriet permalink
    October 29, 2016 9:36 am

    Every snowman card has made me smile…..such a happy stamp. One carrot, must live alone. I am amazed at grocery prices and use math more than I ever thought possible. And I always share my info with whoever is reaching for the same produce… husband thinks I am nuts. However, I’ve had many young people and elderly as well thank me because they didn’t do the math. Each of your cards are so full of Christmas, I can’t choose one I like more than the others. Cooper–good boy.

  6. Kathy permalink
    October 29, 2016 9:40 am

    I love the birdie ghosts, and the one upside down is adorable. I’m a sucker for birds and snowmen, so you covered my bases this go around. Cooper is adorable. I have two that hate photo taking opportunities, and they love food. Bribery doesn’t help on that occasion! Cooper, you are so cute and welcome to trick-or-treat at my house anytime!

  7. Cheryl Robertson permalink
    October 29, 2016 9:54 am

    I love your Snowy cards so much I bought the stamp and dies. Can you guess what my cards will be this year😊

  8. DebbieP permalink
    October 29, 2016 10:06 am

    Thanks for another great Saturday morning read. I always enjoy your posts. And I appreciate the mundane week as there was nothing to make me cry!!! Love the overjoyed card and of course Snowy. Do you think they will release his stamp in a cling or clear version? I just don’t buy wood stamps anymore. Luckily, I don’t have to use treats to get my dog to cooperate. She is a natural ham. have a great week – mundane or not.

  9. mjmarmo permalink
    October 29, 2016 10:21 am

    BEautiful cards! I never win when i try to change lanes at the store. NEver saw anyone buy just one carrot:0 Cooper looks very cute!

  10. Verna Angerhofer permalink
    October 29, 2016 10:36 am

    Wonderful card projects and all are so beautiful! And, as to your mundane week, your writing did not make it seem mundane at all. I loved reading about your carrot shopping experiences.

  11. Darlene Fellows permalink
    October 29, 2016 11:19 am

    Thanks for starting my day with a smile. I love the cards, but must admit I am just a tad bit jealous of all your Snowy cards. I love the stamp, but it is sold out everywhere! Guess that means no Snowy cards this year for me, but look out next year!!

  12. Donna Sicafuse permalink
    October 29, 2016 12:36 pm

    Love love love Cooper and your stories about him. Your cards are so sweet. Snowy is great. Thanks for sharing.. Hugs

  13. jane harrah permalink
    October 29, 2016 2:36 pm

    I am enjoying your chatting and your stories. They make me smile and laugh. One carrot, like REALLY? Love your cards and Snowy just happens to be my favoritest eveah! Snowman stamp. Can’t wait for the family and hope it will come with a matching die! Have a great week.

  14. ncbev permalink
    October 29, 2016 6:47 pm

    I can hardly wait to read your post every week in my email. I look forward to hearing about Cooper. He looks a little like my Mickey. And of course your ideas are always well worth the wait.

  15. barbara lassiter permalink
    October 29, 2016 6:59 pm

    Mr Snowy is looking great with his owl pal and all the cards are terrific! As for your mundane week, it definitely brought a smile. One carrot?…maybe the guy had been seeing the commercial on TV for the pneumonia shot, where they bought one strawberry or cooked one asparagus spear. As for Cooper, he’s about the cutest fire dog I’ve seen.

  16. kellybooth permalink
    October 29, 2016 7:20 pm

    Always love your cards and stories Judy and fun photo’s of Cooper too. XO I’m not sure my Christmas cards will get made this year… I need to get busy!!!

  17. October 29, 2016 9:40 pm

    After having survived pancreatic and duodenum cancer I was recently suggested by 5 of 7 physicians it was time to stop working. Many things I enjoyed doing were so difficult that I had to stop after May 7 my sons wedding as I was in charge of the Decore and flowers ordered from as far away as Ecuador! I’m just now turning the corner of 6 months no longer working a job that got me up every day. I love all of your extremely creative work of art. I’m inspired by your creativity and do believe without a doubt we were all born with a creative ability. So thank you, for inviting me to your home. Your work is happy and gives me the joy I’ve missed in being creative. ❤️️

  18. October 30, 2016 2:51 am

    Your cards are adorable, and I love that Snowy will soon have a family. 🙂
    You are too funny when it comes to glittery paper!
    Your mundane week was over the top. You can tell a carrot story like no other and make it funny. Thanks for another wonderful column of humor, cards and cute Cooper. hugs, 🙂

  19. Linda Page permalink
    October 30, 2016 5:46 am

    Glitter paper is good!! I love glitter paper. Love your cards. Snowy is becoming quite the fashion plate!!! Cooper is adorable as usual. I thought I was the only person to be punished for switching checkout lines at stores. Whichever line I am in will be the slowest line in the store. Without fail. So I just stay put and wait my turn!! Happy Halloween!

  20. November 1, 2016 10:45 am

    Getting new glasses is stressful enough–wow, 2 different shops & orders! Sure hope the pair that comes next is right, Judy! Oh poor Cooper getting attacked by the screen door! That would be Fritz when the squirrel is under the bird feeder–have to close the glass sliding door! Wonderful projects, as always! I especially love the red glitter card–striking & adorable!

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