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Runs with Scissors

May 27, 2017

Hello and welcome, Penny Black friends. Here in the United States it is Memorial Day weekend, often referred to as the official start of summer. More importantly, though, it is a day we remember and give thanks for the members of the military who have given their lives in the service to our country.

I have a lot to share with you today, so let’s start with the two graduation cards in this week’s Runs with Scissors.

This mini stamp set, You Did It, is perfect for making cards for the little girl graduates in your life. I think graduation ceremonies are even held at Daycare! This stamp will take you on to Nursery School, Pre-K and finally Kindergarten. She is fun to color and would be fine on a one-layer card, but I fussy cut the image and pop-dotted her onto a background I created using the Dots die. After pondering a bit, I think it might even be fun for the high school grad in your house; just be sure to use the right school colors.

Next, a card for the male graduate. No stamping on this card as The Graduate die set had everything I needed. My kids’ high school colors were red and black so making this card was taking a walk down memory lane. The Graduate die set is perfect for the ladies, too. All you have to do is replace the kraft with white and perhaps a more feminine designer paper.

Warning: a stamp was altered in the making of this card. I love the large Sun Glow stamp but didn’t want to include the stem and leaves for creating my background. I snipped the stem from the flower, knowing no permanent harm was done, and used just the flower. The little mouse from Especially Micey is on his way to bring sunshine to someone’s day. Those Snippets are so much fun to sneak in little messages.

This and That

 First, there is This:

This is a picture of my Mother’s Day gift from my daughter, Kathleen, who lives in Minneapolis. The photo is also proof that some of my kids read Runs with Scissors. Kathleen (I am the only one who doesn’t call her Kathy) read a recent Runs with Scissors post that included a photo of the treadmill that has taken up residence in the bedroom. Perched on the treadmill were my 15 year old “running” shoes. Kathleen immediately knew what to send her Mom for Mother’s Day.

How fun it was to receive a package in the mail with a cheerfully wrapped present inside the brown mailing carton. It was a pretty large box and kind of heavy, too. And underneath all that pretty wrapping paper was this shoebox with these amazing running shoes inside.

The price tag is not visible in the photo, but take my word for it, these are some serious running shoes. They are proof of my daughter’s optimistic estimation of my life span. Or, her optimistic estimation of my commitment to running, treadmill or not!

Now, in case the other kids are feeling left out because there is no photo of their gift, you need to know all seven remembered the day with cards, gifts and flowers. And I am thankful and appreciative.

And now That:

I need to talk about a recent haircut experience. Let me begin by saying I am not good at predicting when I will need my next haircut. Therefore, setting up appointments in advance does not always work for me. Unlike many women who have found their perfect hairdo and their perfect hair stylist, I am still on that quest.

In the twelve years we have lived here, I have probably tried at least that many beauty salons. Well, some were salons, some were less than salon! I not only have trouble predicting when I need the next haircut, I seem to have trouble remembering when that next appointment is. I was more successful using a salon that had an automated appointment reminder system, which helped me keep my appointment, but did nothing for the prediction component.

I seem to have found the system that works best for me by selecting a salon that accepts walk-ins. I have had some good experiences and some disasters. It is chancy at best.

Last year I found the perfect solution when I found Stephanie at a walk-in salon. She “gets” my hair and is often available on a same day basis. Perfect. When I wake up one morning and declare to the mirror, “this is it”, I can be in Stephanie’s chair that afternoon.

There is a downside, however, in that Stephanie does not feel obliged to let me know when she will be on vacation as happened the week before Mother’s Day.

That Saturday found me sitting with a group of shaggy men, women and children in the waiting area of a walk-in salon in my neighborhood. There were six hair stylists very busily cutting, coloring and curling in preparation for Mother’s Day.

As I waited, I paid attention to the various clients’ finished hair styles and had my eye on a young woman who I hoped would be the one cutting my hair. The salon’s system was one of signing in and the stylists then called the next name when they were ready for another customer.

I also had my eye on the stylist closest to the waiting area and Dear Reader, I prayed she would not be the one calling my name. I thought I was safe as she was busy rolling a lady’s hair for a perm.

Just then my preferred stylist finished her client’s awesome haircut and collected payment. I was so excited that my name was next and my wish had come true … and then she retreated to the break room.

And .. oh no … here comes the stylist I was praying would not call my name. Why, you ask?

I have a less than perfect system for choosing a stylist. I place importance on their appearance, especially their hairdo. I realize this is imperfect as someone else probably styles their hair. But that’s my system and according to my criteria, I was in trouble.

The young woman calling my name had one side of her hair shaved. The remaining funky hair was dyed a mixture of bright blue and purple. I managed to tear my eyes away from the hairdo and noticed the ring in her nose (to be fair, it was a small ring). My eye then wandered on to the tattoos covering her arms from shoulder to wrist.

I had no option. It seems a stylist has enough time to do a haircut while the perm solutions work. This was my stylist and this would be my haircut.

We had a surprisingly normal conversation while she snipped and cut my hair. As she shared with me how devoted she was to the beautiful niece in the photo hanging on her mirror, I realized how much her appearance kept people from knowing the “real” person behind the drastic hair and tattoos. She seemed to really care about making me happy with my haircut and even offered to use the curling iron after the cut, a service usually involving an extra charge. Since my hair was now standing up and sticking out in ways that were making me nervous, I accepted the curling iron offer.

Imagine my shock when I went to pay the bill. Total cost, including the curls, $15.99. On the day before Mother’s Day, for a haircut and “style”.

I added a generous tip and thanked her very much. And headed to my car. And to my own hairbrush, mirror and styling products. Like I said, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

It will grow back, Stephanie will return from vacation, and life is still good.

Sometimes sending a “get well” message is not appropriate for someone dealing with a more serious or chronic illness. This message from the All Great Things transparent set is perfect for those times, as well as any challenging circumstance. There is much comfort to be had in this set of lovely sentiments.

Sometimes one image is not enough, two of that image is too geometric, but three images feels harmonious. Here I blended various Distress Oxide inks on white cardstock, having in mind that I wanted my Potted Plants to have blue pots and the flowers to be various hues. I then ran the Potted Plant die through my machine three times, placing it on different parts of the paper each time. That “hello” frame from the Love to Travel die set provides the perfect trim and contrast with the bright purple frame.

Today’s series of cards began with a “hello” card and this little mouse from the Cheerful Critters transparent set is sending you smiles as he ends the series. I masked off two sides of my white card base and then blended Distress inks onto the remaining space. Tearing off a corner and displaying script underneath is a technique I borrowed from Jill Foster. I colored the little mouse with Copics and cut him out and pop-dotted him onto the card where he can enjoy all that sunny yellow as he sends notes to his friends.

Bonus: I hope you have had a chance to take a look at the new stamps and dies in the Poetic release that became available last week. I didn’t come across these goodies here at the studio until I was on my way out. I quickly put together this Thank You card using the Thank You Squares die set. That set also includes a little chicken wire die and a sun’s rays die. I have so many ideas for this Thank You die that I may not be able to stop making thank you cards. Anyone remember Snowy?

The good news is that Christina, Cooper’s groomer, is back to work after breaking her leg and will be grooming Cooper this week. Mr. RWS and I don’t know if Cooper is excited about that news, but we surely are. In the meantime, here is Mr. Shaggy himself, dirty face, dirty paws and way too much fur for the warm weather in Alabama.

Like all good things, this edition of Runs with Scissors must end. I’ve stowed the scissors, kicked off my running shoes and tidied the Penny Black studio. I am always a bit puzzled by the mess I can make while stamping. Thank you all for stopping by and especially for your kind comments. I am hoping to spot your work in the Penny Circle Flickr Gallery when I visit.

Shop for today’s featured Penny Black supplies

 Card No. 1: 30-425 You Did It, 51-009 Dots

Card No. 2: 51-348 The Graduate

Card No. 3: 30-283 Snippets, 40-519 Sunglow, 30-410 Especially Micey

Card No. 4: 30-432 Hope Shines, 30-406 All Great Things

Card No. 5: 51-224 Love to Travel, 51-353 Cutout Borders, 51-358 Potted Plant

Card No. 6: 30-426 Cheerful Critters, 1999L Letter Background

Card No. 7: 51-346 Thank You Squares, 51-006 Flutters


26 Comments leave one →
  1. Susan permalink
    May 27, 2017 3:54 am

    My husband’s job had us moving…a lot! Always difficult to find a new hair stylist, especially with fine straight hair. My best advice, if you ever lose Stepanie, is to keep your eyes open while you are out, shopping, church, restaurants, etc. and look at other women’s hair. When you see a style you like on someone with hair that kinda looks like yours, ask her who her stylist is. Women are usually flattered that you ask and very willing to share. I learned this after many many years of bad haircuts and much $$$ spent. Got really tired of once again waiting for my hair to “grow out”.

  2. Gina Wallace permalink
    May 27, 2017 4:37 am

    Thank you, I love your cards and I love your stories – you make my day

  3. Mary W permalink
    May 27, 2017 4:41 am

    I’ve had those same problems. It seems stylists and I speak different languages. My solution was to grow my hair out and now it’s either in a braid or a bun. If I’m feeling especially spunky I just let it go free. Some people think I’m too old for that–I’m 69–but they are entitled to their opinion. If the ends need a trim even my husband can do it reasonably well.

  4. creatingincolors permalink
    May 27, 2017 5:08 am

    Hmmmm, yes, a saying I’ve used myself after a haircut or two – “It will grow back”! Now that Thank You Squares die set – I see it in my future! The new release is gorgeous.

  5. knurse22 permalink
    May 27, 2017 5:31 am

    LOL….I think I use the same haircut philosophy as you! And last fall, I experienced the same cut fiasco by a different stylist than my normal one—and wore a hat for a couple of months to go outside my house! I think it took about 6 months before my bald splotches were covered with new hair!
    I am not in like with the watercolor flowers, but I did recently buy the Thank You Squares die set. After seeing your card, I am inspired to give it a go this weekend, which promises to be dreary and rainy. And your grad card is adorable—I like that I could alter the colors of the cap and gown for each recipient!
    Thank you to each and every person who has spent time in the service of our country—you are soecial, and remembered o this holiday (and every day)!

  6. May 27, 2017 5:37 am

    I gave up style awhile back and just wack it off myself. Most of the time it turns
    out pretty good but then other times…..well it will grow back. LOL
    I admit that I am old fashioned but tattoos??? Sorry but I just don’t get it. And I find more and more paper artist with ink on places other than paper. Please…You just don’t put a bumper sticker on a Classic and God didn’t make junk.
    Cooper will enjoy his hair cut for the Summer . Does he swim?

    • Judy Jung permalink
      May 27, 2017 8:35 am

      Hi! I am learning we women deal with many of the same hair issues! And Cooper HATES being wet or in water or anywhere near water. Bath time is not fun for him, but he is much better than he used to be. Thanks for leaving a comment.

      • May 28, 2017 2:35 pm

        My Babe doesn’t like to take a bath either but sometimes it is really necessary. Oh she can smell….not so good.

  7. Paula in GA permalink
    May 27, 2017 6:02 am

    Your cards are always exquisite, and I CASE many of them, but I think I love your stories the most. Every time I see that you have a new story to tell, I immediately know that it will be enjoyable, and humorous. Keep the cards and stories coming. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Sandy Morningstar permalink
    May 27, 2017 7:06 am

    I love your work! And your humor! I always look forward to your posts.

  9. Bonnie Kasper permalink
    May 27, 2017 7:08 am

    Sat here and got many chuckles about your hair salon experience! We’ve all gone thru it. All the cards are wonderful and leave me with many ideas. I pretty much resort to my Cricket now since my arthritic hand makes it hard to do the dies. Thanks for sharing a part of your life. Bonnie

  10. Noreen permalink
    May 27, 2017 7:26 am

    I’ve been enjoying Penny Black products for some time, but only recently started reading the blog. I enjoy this so much. Lovely cards, conversations, and great products! Thank you.

    • Judy Jung permalink
      May 27, 2017 8:33 am

      Noreen, so glad you found the Penny Black blog! However, I am the only one running with scissors so be sure to check in on weekdays for those with more manners!

  11. cmt permalink
    May 27, 2017 8:12 am

    I dearly love those little mice, so those cards are my favorites this week. Love combining the mouse with the big sunflowers. Your story tickled me. I remember a young woman who worked at my son’s nursery school. Every piece of clothing she owned was at least partially black, to match her long black hair. The nursery school was at a conservative Christian church. She had a nose ring at a time when body piercings were rarely seen, so it was especially shocking to see this nursery school aide with one. As with your story, she surprised us by being very kind and gentle with the children. The 2- and 3-year-old boys somehow were absolutely besotted with her, to the point of proclaiming they intended to marry her. I guess she helped ease us into the new era of radical appearances in young people. As for hairdressers, I, too, was on a journey for years to find the right fit. Out of frustration, I went to my husband’s barber shop, which serves men and women. There I found the world’s best hairdresser. Not only does she do a great job with my hair, but she’s wonderful person to talk to. Every visit is a pleasant social experience. No appointments required. She’s the only person who has cut my hair for 26 years now. I may have to give up haircuts altogether if she ever retires. The protocol in her shop is you can wait for whomever is your regular barber; each has their devoted following. Hope you enjoy your new shoes.

  12. Diane F permalink
    May 27, 2017 8:16 am

    Thanks once again for your inspirational creations. I always love how they get my creative juices flowing. This week is no exception.

    I totally get your hairdresser experiences. Here I thought I was a bit odd doing the same thing. I always need an appointment that day otherwise I tend to get hold of the scissors and start hacking my hair myself. Years ago I split my head open sleep walking (no kidding !) and this has made my head rather sensitive so much so I do not really like anyone touching it. I dread the shampoo experience and always give instructions for no massaging. I am sitting with longer hair than normal at the moment trying to decide whether to go back to the same hairdresser or to try a new one. I always point out my 2 cows licks and a double crown. Then I watch the hairdresser’s face which basically reads “Omg, how do I even attempt to cut this woman’s hair !”. Moving cities and countries so much has not helped either.

    Enjoy your new shoes, they look wonderful. Hope Cooper behaves for his haircut.

    • Judy Jung permalink
      May 27, 2017 8:32 am

      Oh, Diane! I always shampoo my hair at home .. hate having someone do it. And I have double cowlicks. I am learning I am not alone in this hairdresser experience.

  13. May 27, 2017 9:50 am

    The Thank You die is a gem!!! Looks to be on my wish list for a really fast card – clean and simple!!! Thanks for sharing Judy…you always make my day go better!!!
    Paper Hugs,

    • Judy Jung permalink
      May 27, 2017 4:24 pm

      Always glad to see you here, Jan! You will love the dies in the Thank You Squares die set.

  14. dawnnz permalink
    May 27, 2017 1:22 pm

    Gorgeous cards. Love that first one. Your hair story is so humorous. I’ve had the same hairdresser for 25 years but recently she retired and now only does a few clients at home. So I still go…but she was out of action for a couple of months …and I sat in one of those walk in places just like you… scary feeling ! Have a great week Judy

  15. May 27, 2017 2:14 pm

    I stopped going to one beautify shop because I was afraid I was
    going to get this one stylist. She cut my hair so short and once
    it’s short there is no going back. The next time I went in it
    looked like I was going to get her – I walked out and never
    went back.
    Your cards are wonderful. You are not like Samson – you
    didn’t lose your mojo with your hair.
    take care

  16. mjmarmo permalink
    May 27, 2017 3:13 pm

    Beautiful cards. I use the same hair cut method as you. More often than not it has been fine. Beautiful cards.

  17. Mary B. permalink
    May 27, 2017 8:29 pm

    You are wonderful! Thank you! Nice shoes too… Your daughter loves you!

  18. Jill Groom permalink
    May 27, 2017 10:41 pm

    Loving the cards, especially the mouse card, and your story. You could almost be describing my daughter there – hair almost shaved one side, glorious purple and shoulder length the other. Dragon tattoo on her shoulder. And a gorgeous sensitive artistic woman. I had given up on hairdressers too – imagine long silver white/grey hair with the purple growing out .. and one of my students begged me to let her cut it! She is a gem – a talented hairdresser who cuts from home when that ‘it needs cutting NOW’ moment hits. I now get so many ‘love your hair’ comments! And no, I do not have a tattoo 😉 And the purple is long gone.

  19. May 28, 2017 8:51 am

    Oh Mr Cooper–love that picture, but I know you’ll feel better without so much fur–doubt clean paws matter to you–haha! We share the problems with our hair, Judy–almost never really like how mine turns out & have almost as much money in hair taming products as I do in stamps–haha! Finally after moving here, I gave up driving over an hour to my gal & started going to an old friend of my mom’s (closer to my age, though) who is a fabulous colorist & does great haircuts. Unfortunately, the styling part isn’t great, so I’m still struggling–haha! Anyway–what wonderful cards today! The grad cards are perfect & that thanks die is a keeper for sure! Clearly you are a success with 7 wonderful kids! Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend–Hugs, Greta

  20. jane harrah permalink
    May 29, 2017 10:44 am

    Whoa, I think you hit a nerve about the hair stuff. I am not aware of too many women that like their hairstyle and their stylist. There is just not an app that you can use to show your hair, your head and all and it gives you a :perfect” style. Someone needs to invent one! Great cards and nice chatting with you again. Glad life is going smoothly.

  21. Marisela Delgado permalink
    June 1, 2017 1:51 pm

    Next time, just ask for your stylist and tell them that you will wait for her. I know it can seem rude, but it’s better than chancing it with someone else. I’ve done (and felt horribly), but you gotta stick with your person. Just a thought. =) Cooper looks cute regardless.

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