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Runs with Scissors

August 12, 2017

Once again, hello Penny Black friends. At last, the sneak peeks and teasing are finished and the new Be Merry release is available from the Penny Black Store. I have been busy test driving the new stamps and dies and once again I have to say this release has something special for everyone. Penny Black’s unique style shines through the classic, elegant, cute and artistic styles of stamps and dies. You can make your projects as simple or complex as your muse leads you.

Today I have included two one layer cards that work well for making multiples and for sending through the mail. I’ve also indulged my love of snowmen and cute in general.

My hope is that you see something here that helps put you in the mood for making your holiday cards.

The Three Kings transparent set will give you many options for making a card expressing the true meaning of the Christmas holiday. Here I blended Distress Oxide inks to create a night sky. After thoroughly drying the ink, I stamped and heat embossed the images and the Bible verse. I used my MISTI in order to get a good layer of Versafine black ink as the base for my clear embossing powder. And those little white dots? Those are the punch outs from the Snowflake Stitch Frame that were scattered all over my desk. I picked each dot up with a tweezer and dipped it into some adhesive and applied it to the background. A little time consuming, but I am happy with the look. I am just not good at “flicking” white liquids.

This is almost a one layer card and it would be super easy to make in quantity, using the Holly Frame die. The circular piece in the middle is an ornament with its top cut off from the Joyful Ornaments die set. I experimented with various color combinations before deciding on the red and kraft color scheme. That Holly Frame is awesome no matter what color or background you place behind it. My head is swimming with ideas even as I write this.

Go big or go home, they say! This bold and beautiful snowflake is the Stitch a Snowflake die set which consists of this large snowflake and the smaller center snowflake. I chose a silver and aqua color theme here, but the possibilities are endless. The sentiment is from the Joyful Wishes sentiment set which includes seven awesome holiday wishes.


No, ARFID is not another new word. It is an acronym for Adult Restrictive Food Intake Disorder – probably better known as “picky eater”. And that’s me!

I am beginning to believe there is a genetic component to being a picky eater. My father was a strictly meat, potatoes and vegetable person. And don’t ever mix them all together in a casserole and please limit the vegetables to peas, carrots and corn with an occasional green bean if necessary. Hold the cheese, hold the sauces, hold the garlic and any other spice. Onions were allowed. All desserts were rejected except for apple pie; no nuts other than peanuts.

As a child, there were more foods I would not eat than foods I would. The list really made no sense to most people, but maybe other picky eaters could understand.

My first requirement for any food I ate was that it be plain. Like my father, I did not want foods mixed up. I also did not eat lettuce, cheese, dinner rolls, most vegetables, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, butter, pizza, hot dogs, eggs (except hard boiled), salad dressing, creamy soups (actually, creamy anything) and milk. One of the worst days of my childhood involved succotash, served by friends of my parents at their home. Hmmm, I wonder how my Dad managed that?

When I went off to college and lived in a co-op house, I pretty much survived on the jar of peanut butter and loaf of rye bread I stashed in my desk. At the dinner table, I tried to sit furthest from the House Mother who knew about the peanut butter and had taken on the role of food police. Finally it became too embarrassing to let friends know I wouldn’t eat pizza or Chinese food so I gave them a try. Once I fell in love with pizza, I was upset with myself that I had lived in Italy for two years and had never eaten pizza. And who knew that egg rolls had nothing to do with eggs?

Over the years I discovered broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and cauliflower. Peas and lima beans, however, will never again touch my lips. Lasagna and macaroni and cheese are still way off limits for so many reasons: cheese, sauce and texture. I now enjoy bacon and eggs and a limited selection of salad dressings. That doesn’t sound like much, but has made eating out much easier.

When I researched ARFID I learned that people like me experience food differently than others. We tend to prefer bland and processed foods based on looks, smells or textures. Sometimes it is presentation, or a different type of noodle or different brand of whatever that causes us to reject a food.

I realize there are a lot worse syndromes than ARFID to deal with. You might even be saying “get over it”, “just try it”, “one bite”, “you’re just being stubborn”. I have heard all of these things and many others while people cajole or encourage me to try new foods. It just doesn’t work that way. As I child, I would sit for hours at the table after everyone else was done because I wasn’t allowed to leave until I had eaten my dinner. It was lonely staring at the food I couldn’t eat when it was warm and certainly couldn’t eat after it got cold. Eventually I learned to stuff my cheeks with the offending food to dispose of later.

Mr. RWS is an adventurous eater. He enjoys new foods and is able to eat most anything, even if he doesn’t care for it. This ability served him well on his trip to Ethiopia several years ago. And food was one of the reasons I didn’t make the trip.

That is the difference between a person with a normal relationship with food and those of us with ARFID. Mr. RWS may not care for a particular food, but he can and will eat it if served. If something is served to me that is not on my “will eat” list, I cannot eat it to be polite. If I can get it as far as my mouth, I certainly cannot chew it and swallow it.

All of this makes dinner invitations a bit tricky. I used to just push things around on my plate trying to make the portions seem smaller and pretending that everything was delicious. As an adult, I have learned to explain to my host or hostess that the problem is me, and I am just fine and they don’t need to worry about whether I will be hungry or not. Usually there is something at every dinner that I can eat, whether at someone’s home or at a restaurant. And if Mr. RWS is sitting next to me, it is all good. He always has room for his own dinner and the portion I don’t eat.

My brothers are 11 and 12 years younger than I and since I left home right after high school, they have no strong memories of me and my eating habits as they grew up. However, both of them have ARFID also, and a more serious case than I! Bless their wives who cook separately for them and have finally, after so many years, accepted that their husbands are not going to be expanding their food horizons. Their level of “pickiness” makes me look like an amazing eater! Additionally, my sister and I each have a picky eater among our children.

My oldest son shared a story with me one day that made me realize how my eating habits had affected my kids. On one of his first days at college he returned to his dorm and his dorm mates, raving about the amazing sauce that was on the chicken sandwich he had at the local McRestaurant. (Our small town had no such place). As he described the creamy white sauce with the amazing flavor to his friends, they began laughing in disbelief. The sauce he was describing was mayonnaise! None of my children had ever had it. Needless to say, he was embarrassed and I heard about it! Thankfully, he has since become a very adventurous cook and eater.

I am hopeful that the ARFID disorder has died out and skips the grandchildren. Their parents are wiser about dealing with food issues. There just are none. Food is served and children are free to eat or not eat. They are amazingly well nourished and eat a healthy variety of food. Their Grandma is the only problem eater when she visits.

If I had to choose a favorite card today, this would be it. I am so happy to have a Santa included in this release; but no ordinary Santa! This unique and jolly fellow is from the North Pole Treasures transparent set which includes other classic holiday images. This is a one layer card, easily made in quantity and sent through the mail.

The Trees and Hills die set is going to be perfect for creating backgrounds for your holiday images. There are two dies in the set, and here I’ve used them both to provide a wintry landscape for the snowman and pup from the Merry Delight transparent set and the matching Merry Delight Cut Out set. Is there anything cuter than a snowman with his little pup?

I had to indulge my fondness for snowmen this week. This is an image from the To All … transparent set that I fussy cut and popped up on mounting tape. I tucked a few trees from the Modern Xmas Tree die set and added a fluffy little cloud from Silver Linings. I am thrilled that this release includes this stackable die set Snowflake Stitch Frames. I believe it will be useable all year long. This is the die that donated the little white dots for my Three Kings card.

Cooper’s leg seems to be healed once again. We have cautiously increased his activity level and given him back his toys. Like dogs everywhere, he doesn’t hold a grudge.

It’s time to clean up and say good bye for now. The scissors are where they belong and I am off to check out the Penny Circle Flickr Gallery. The Be Merry release is now available in the Penny Black store. Hooray and happy shopping! Thank you for sharing time with me this week. I do hope I haven’t discouraged anyone from issuing a dinner invitation. Just, please, no lasagna.

Shop for today’s featured Penny Black supplies

Card No. 1: 30-435 Three Kings, 51-379 Adore Him

Card No. 2: 51-366 Joyful Ornaments, 51-374 Holly Frame, 51-389 Hedgy Joy, 51-389 Hedgy Joy Cut Out

Card No. 3: 30-434 Joyful Wishes, 51-376 Stitch a Snowflake

Card No. 4: 30-437 North Pole Treasures

Card No. 5: 30-448 Merry Delight, 51-387 Merry Delight Cut Out, 51-381 Trees and Hills

Card No. 6: 30-307 Holiday Snippets, 30-445 To All …, 51-033 Silver Linings, 51-375 Snowflake Stitch Frame, 51-400 Modern Xmas Tree


33 Comments leave one →
  1. August 12, 2017 4:23 am

    Such a beautiful collection of fabulous cards. Great variation, thank you for the wonderful inspiration x There really does seem something for everyone. Sorry to hear about the eating condition and how it has effected you and your family x Glad Cooper is on the mend and didn’t hold a grudge! x

  2. Linda S in NE permalink
    August 12, 2017 6:39 am

    Your cards this week are beautiful, Judy. I am especially taken by the ink blended background on your first card…striking.
    Thanks for educating me about ARFID. I bet you are in “seventh heaven” when someone suggests going to a buffet type restaurant for dinner!
    I am so pleased that Cooper is doing better. It looks like all his toys got a swimming lesson in your washing machine while they were in quarantine!

  3. August 12, 2017 6:58 am

    Beautiful, beautiful cards today!! And thank you for your food eating disorder (ARFID) story…this totally explains our youngest daughter’s eating habits. It’s all about texture for her and there are foods she just will not eat! I’ll try to be kinder to her about it…thank you!! :0)

  4. Judy permalink
    August 12, 2017 7:03 am

    Cute cards and stamps! PB doesn’t disappoint EVER!
    I, too, was a picky eater as a child. Mainly I couldn’t eat potatoes that were boiled. And I sat at the table when everyone else was done. Eventually I was given an orange flavored medicine that made me hungry, and given graham crackers in between because they thought I wasn’t eating enough. Now I eat most things, except liver and cooked spinach. My daughter HAS to be picky as she had pancreatitis 13 years ago. Textures bother her and some foods make her pancreas act up, so it’s understandable. Any way you look at it, none of it is fun.
    Glad to hear Cooper is better. Keep on stamping!

  5. August 12, 2017 7:36 am

    Yea for the new release. Penny never disappoints. Your take on them is very creative and I enjoy your work. I see CAS in the future.

  6. August 12, 2017 8:25 am

    You & your hubby & Cooper are welcome at our house anytime! Think I’ll just let you fix your own dinner–haha! My hubby apparently was picky as a child, but thankfully by the time we met he’d discovered he actually liked a lot of things he wouldn’t try as a kid. You probably know Christmas cards are my favorite, so today’s post has me in cardmaking heaven! I love them all, but must say the big snowflake with that fabulous stitch frame die keeps calling me back to admire that card again! You’re always an inspiration, Judy–thank you! So happy Cooper healed & can have his toys again–just watch out for those darn squirrels! We’re dealing with pancreatitis at our house. Such a surprise, but also a relief to finally know why Fritz has the episodic vomiting. It’s not a severe case & hopefully he’ll soon be back to acting like a 4 yr old dog instead of an old man. Of course, he needs the expensive prescription food, but that’s a small price to pay to have a healthy puppy dog! Happy weekend, Greta

  7. mjmarmo permalink
    August 12, 2017 8:43 am

    Gorgeous cards

  8. Donna Sicafuse permalink
    August 12, 2017 8:45 am

    Love your showing your cards and await news each time on Cooper, glad he is doing better and looks like he missed his toys as seems to be deciding which to choose or maybe checking if all are there—LOL—Thanks for sharing cards.

  9. Jane permalink
    August 12, 2017 9:18 am

    I had no idea there was a name for my food issues other than “stubborn, difficult, just wants attention”. I sat for hours every day looking at evil milk after everyone else had left the table and many school recesses inside over food issues. The bright side is that I’m generally happy with my own company, lol.

    • Judy Jung permalink
      August 12, 2017 10:44 am

      I am sure the intentions were good .. just hard to live through!! Hugs, Jane

  10. August 12, 2017 10:13 am

    Hi Judy…great card selection-you do such a creative job! Cooper looks like he cannot make up his mind which toy to play with – LOL!!! I did not know there was a name for this – ARFID. When I was a kid I did not eat meat…soooo had to sit at the table until my plate was clean while hearing about the starving kids in other countries. I remember sitting at the table for 4 hours chewing on a piece of meat – only got one glass of milk and that was long gone, as was the juice in the meat – now like shoe leather!!! UGH! My Mom seemed to like all the things I did NOT like…shrimp and fish, fat on meat, etc. I did eat my veggies, but the meat was definitely a problem. Meals were NOT FUN! Thankfully, I do not have that issue today and can eat most everything…the good news is I understand when people do not eat certain things and it’s never a problem for me that they do not eat what I serve…we make it work for them! It really does help for others to say up front I do not eat “…..”. Helps the person not eating whatever, and helps me not to think I am a lousy cook – LOL!!!
    Thanks Judy for your sharing each week…I ALWAYS learn something and get inspiration!
    Paper Hugs,

    • Judy Jung permalink
      August 12, 2017 10:43 am

      I believe our parents thought they were doing the right thing, “teaching” us not to waste food and that we needed the nutrition. Thankfully we survived it!! Hugs, Jan

      • August 12, 2017 7:38 pm

        I think you are correct…but, I made sure I did NOT do the same with my son as he was growing up – LOL! We all have to live and hopefully to learn lessons.

  11. Cynthia D permalink
    August 12, 2017 11:32 am

    I wish I had understood ARFID years ago. My daughter would swallow peas whole so she
    would not have to chew them. Hers is more of a texture problem when it comes to food.

    Snowman with ice skates, so cute!

  12. knurse22 permalink
    August 12, 2017 12:44 pm

    Love these cards again this week, especially the snowmen and Santa ones! And so happy that Cooper seems to be his old self again!
    As I have said before, I think we were related in a former life! I, too, am a picky eater. No sauces or gravy, nothing floating in water. I am a nightmare at Thanksgiving: no candied sweet or mashed potatoes, no gravy, no stuffing, no brussel sprouts, no casseroles with mini marshmallows or jello molds! Do not eat cereal, oatmeal. We have recently moved to PA Dutch country—-Shoo Fly pie (wet and dry), corn soup, ham loaf, and other things I cannot eat. DH eats anything. Even stuff with a little mold, which would kill me for sure! But being a New Englander at heart, I love boiled lobster, steamed clams, and most fish. Almost all veggies and fruits. I do not miss the dinners where I never left the table because I would not drink my milk! Thanks for making me feel more normal, knowing there are others out there like me after reading all of today’s posts!

    • August 12, 2017 1:14 pm

      It is easier to manage once you become the mom and do the cooking! For some reason, I love stuffing and gravy! But only my stuffing!

  13. dawnnz permalink
    August 12, 2017 2:19 pm

    Great cards Judy. Poor you . I’m not overly picky but there are a few things I won’t eat or drink. Milk by itself is a NO but can eat yoghurt in small portions and LOVE cheese! Not fussed with prawns and it’s only been in the last few years I’ve been able to eat squid! Oh and I still swallow peas whole. Take care

  14. August 12, 2017 3:16 pm

    I definitely have ARFID. I don’t eat vegetables apart of sweet corn and potatoes. Don’t eat many fruits either. Don’t like fish apart from deep fried cod. The thought of Lasagne or bolognaise turns my stomach. As a child I was not allowed to leave the table until I had eaten everything. I used to pretend I had a runny nose and get a hankie and spit it in it. That’s the reason I never made my children eat anything they didn’t want and now they eat most things. Once again your cards are great I love cute. Glad Cooper is mended and has his toys to play with. xXx

  15. Sheila permalink
    August 12, 2017 5:56 pm

    North Pole Treasures was the standout when I looked at the release. Will have to buy that one for sure. Didn’t know there was a name for picky eating. But it looks like all of us who replied today should get together somewhere and celebrate our idiosyncrasies. Whether it’s the stupid parents that were mean to their children making them eat what they didn’t like or just that we are picky, we should celebrate being unique. We’re all ok. BTW… asparagus, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and lumpy mashed potatoes make me gag, just the thought of them. Just has to get that out. Thanks for that wonderful lesson today. Thanks as always for a beautiful pic of Cooper.

  16. cmt permalink
    August 12, 2017 7:28 pm

    Those two snowmen cards stole my heart today. Mostly I don’t want to see Christmas mentioned in the summer, but on a hot, sticky day, snow looks very inviting. Come Christmas, I always wonder why I didn’t start my cards in….August.
    I went to my first real opera when I was eighteen, on my own (Mother hated opera so it would never be a family outing). I sat next to an elderly man, and we struck up a conversation at the intermission. He asked if I came to the opera often. I admitted it was my first time. He sniffed, “Well, you’ve missed a lot!”
    I feel sad for you all you guys out there with ARFID. It’s not your fault, but, gosh you’ve missed a lot. Wish there was a way to get rid of it. The empty plate rule certainly isn’t the answer. I have read that we all have different taste receptors in our mouths that detect, or fail to detect, the thousands of flavors in foods. Some people are even “super tasters” who can taste everything. Maybe there is a biological cause for ARFID. Maybe you simply can’t taste what others can taste that makes food so enjoyable for us. Maybe all you’re left with is the texture of tasteless or unpleasant-tasting foods. So, texture equals unpleasant food because that’s all there is to focus on. Maybe it’s like being color blind. Imagine being color blind and trying to make cards. I’m glad you’re a whiz at cards, cause I enjoy seeing them every week.

  17. Julie Wright permalink
    August 12, 2017 7:36 pm

    Just gorgeous! Hard to believe we are looking at Christmas cards already! It’s 105 here in Texas. Refreshing to think of cooler weather coming!

  18. dianemdb1985 permalink
    August 12, 2017 8:27 pm

    these cards make me want to get started on Christmas. love the snowman best!

  19. Patricia Gasko permalink
    August 13, 2017 6:41 am

    I love your cards and I love the family members of Snowy the Snowman which I have to add them to Snowy in my collection. Your ARFID story is heart touching. When I was about 7 or 8 yrs old my Mom’s mashed potatoes had lumps in them and she didn’t realize it so when I told her I couldn’t eat them she made me eat them anyway. I made a run for the bathroom unsuccessfully and made a mess on my clothes and floor. Mom felt so bad and after that she NEVER forced me to eat something I couldn’t. Till this day I’m not a lover of mashed potatoes and as my Mom said it’s not the end of the world plenty of other ways to eat them. I have never made our kids nor the grandkids eat what they couldn’t whether it was the food itself or the portion amount. I had a rule if I put the food on their plates I didn’t make them finish it, why? because I don’t know how much their tummies can hold and if they don’t have enough they can have 2nd’s. (As a young girl I could never understand why not eating food you don’t like helped the kids in other countries. No one could send or give them the uneaten food).But if they served themselves they had to eat what they took. My youngest daughter took 9 peas and she ate them all!!!!! I have a granddaughter to this day hates Potato Salad and when she was little her father (our son) kept harping at her to eat it until I slammed my hand on the table told him to “shut up” lets not make the dinner hour an unpleasant one. Well, his comment was she doesn’t like her mother’s or her aunt’s but yours is different. It’s Potato Salad same ingredients I took her plate removed the disgusting item and she cleaned her plate of all the other foods and thanked me. I can’t eat Asparagus, or drink or eat anything with Buttermilk, can’t drink Root Beer and many years latter I realized I couldn’t get it past my nose the smell of those items just turn my stomach. I’ve been told many times how can you not like to eat asparagus or ranch dressing with Buttermilk. Or keep trying it you’ll learn to like them. . .Why? I do fine without them. My other rule is don’t eat foods you don’t like it’s nonproductive you won’t enjoy it and you won’t be satisfied and you’ll end up eating a lot of something you do like which can make the numbers go up on the scale from eating too much of a good thing. I enjoy your cards every week and Cooper is so precious keep on doing what you’re doing.

  20. August 13, 2017 12:42 pm

    Beautiful cards ! Love them all !

  21. August 13, 2017 2:04 pm

    Gorgeous cards! I especially love the beautiful night sky for the manger scene! I love the Be Merry collection!

  22. Susan H. permalink
    August 13, 2017 10:28 pm

    Thanks for sharing about ARFID. I was not aware and have learned much from your post – in addition to enjoying your beautiful cards!

    • Susan H. permalink
      August 13, 2017 10:41 pm

      And now I better understand why I could never ear bean soup, split pea soup -or peas or asparagus. Still can’t do it, 50 years later.Thanks again. Ps, the snowman is my favorite 😉

  23. Kim Anning permalink
    August 14, 2017 1:07 am

    Love your cards and can totally relate to ARFID. Enjoy all your posts and stories. Thank you for sharing

  24. August 14, 2017 6:58 am

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  25. karenajo permalink
    August 14, 2017 8:18 am

    Love our card creations with this new release – I am beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ! Your story about being a ‘picky eater’ was very enlightening. Just wonder how this comes to be and why ! So glad Cooper is doing better and back to being able to play with his favorite toys !

  26. jane harrah permalink
    August 14, 2017 4:43 pm

    I have a friend and a god-daughter that have some issues. Difficult! Love the new sets!

  27. Pat Holcomb permalink
    August 14, 2017 10:18 pm

    It is clear that you had a great time “test driving”! Such joyful cards. My fav’s would be the modern trees die and the jolly Santa from North Pole Treasures.

  28. alexandra s.m. permalink
    August 16, 2017 11:47 am

    Love your cards Judy!!
    You have taught me something new today for I had never heard of this condition!


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