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Runs with Scissors

October 27, 2018

Wow! How can two weeks go by so quickly? We are just about turning the calendar to November, the start of cold and snow and blustery winds. Well, maybe not here in Alabama, but my brain still remembers the Wisconsin winters and sends anxiety throughout my cold-hating body. Hopefully, you who live in wintry climates have your scarves, mittens and down jackets at the ready. Oh, and don’t forget the snow shovels and salt for the icy sidewalks. A supply of hot chocolate fixings, including mini-marshmallows, always made me feel better about the cold winter evening.

My weeks go by quickly because I lose track of time while stamping and creating in my creative space. I have been happily combining stamps and dies from the Winter 2018 and the Welcome Winter releases to make a mixture of classic, elegant and cute cards for the holiday season.

Once again the releases provide something for everyone. Now that these cards are ready for sharing, I am excited to start working on my next Runs with Scissors’ cards.

It is simply lovely, this classic Christmas tree from the Season’s Marvel set. So easy to make pretty Christmas cards using just one stamp when you have an image like this. I enjoyed layering the matting and just so the card wasn’t too plain, adding the gold Noel cut from the Exultations die set. I used gold Nuvo drops to put a little sparkle on the tree. Just switch out matting colors if you are unable to make the same color themed card too many times!

Next, I played with these adorable bears from the Nose to Nose mini transparent set. I used the snowflake stamp included in the Christmas Bunch set and the sentiment from the Christmas Sentiments set. Having several stamp sets from these releases is like ordering from a menu … and the choices are endless! I am excited about playing with more cute creatures as the holiday season grows closer. I just love “cute”. And if it isn’t snowmen, cute bears will do nicely.

There is something about the combination of navy blue and silver that pleases my eye and goes well with the holiday season. I decorated the Sleigh diecut with white Novu drops, tucked a couple of silver Evergreen Trees into my diecut snow bank, and filled the navy sky with the Holiday Hello greeting. No stamping involved … which means no inky smudges to slow down your card making.


How have I not written about food before this? Certainly it is one of my very favorite things. At least, it has been in the past. I have confessed to being a very picky eater, but that has not diminished my love for eating over the years.

We all know there is food and then there is food. Broccoli is a food and cream puffs are a food. See what I mean? My food preferences would be ranked as:

  1. Snacks
  2. Desserts
  3. Meals

I could probably give up meals if I were allowed to snack all day. Unfortunately, as the mother and wife of our family I was obligated to conform to a more traditional schedule of providing food for our family.

Over the past few months, whether due to medications or just plain being tired of cooking, I have been only minimally interested in meal preparation. Unfortunately, Mr. RWS is not having the same experience. His fondness of home cooked meals remains high although he has altered his expectations a bit during this recent phase of mine.

My appetite may have diminished, however the hunger pains have not. I am sure hunger pains are a built in survival mechanism that forces one to prepare meals even though there is little enthusiasm for it.

Lately, I am thankful for noodles.

Maybe it’s because noodles are easy to swallow. Or maybe noodles are easier to prepare than potatoes or rice. Or maybe noodles are great comfort food. When I think back to the meals I have prepared in the past few weeks, I realize they include “oodles of noodles”.

I have made chicken soup with noodles, chili with noodles, tuna casserole with noodles, meatballs served over noodles, chicken and gravy over noodles, and even our Chinese take out was Lo Mein. Mr. RWS has not complained and is grateful when any dinner appears on the table in the evening. He especially enjoyed that large batch of chili, made with a new recipe. I actually feel guilty when I see how appreciative he is when I cook. Cooper recognizes the word “noodles” now and comes running when he hears it.

Dessert at our house has become mostly chocolate pudding purchased in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, topped with canned whipped cream. What an easy and satisfying dessert. Why didn’t I discover this years ago?

I have given up my very favorite snack, orange cheesy salted puffs of deliciousness and orange powder. I was consuming them at an astounding rate and the number on the scale was becoming frightening. When I crave a snack lately, I limit myself to one or two of each gummy bear vitamin I take daily. Sometimes I go to bed early just to avoid snacking in the evening. However, my rule is that it must be dark outside when I retire.

You may remember that I am a member of the Kitchen Angels at our church. We plan and cook a meal each month for the seniors in our congregation. We Angels rotate hosting duties which makes us responsible for planning the menu for each luncheon. Needless to say, my co-hostesses don’t get much help in this department from me. I would eliminate any dish that includes odd spices, mayonnaise, mustard, catsup, cheese sauces, cooked cabbage, sour cream, or cottage cheese. Mr. RWS loves to eat at our monthly lunch where he enjoys foods containing any and all of these ingredients.

Mr. RWS returned from the warehouse store this morning and I think he is making a statement. Included in his purchases is a package of enough sirloin steak for three meals. And not one single package of noodles. I can take a hint!

This Cut Out Wreath die is my favorite wreath of all times! Just run it through your machine and mount the negative space over your favorite holiday color …green is a great choice, but red and silver works, too. That sweet bow just adds the finishing touch to another no stamping Christmas card. I added white Novu drops for some accents and texture on the wreath and bow. This is another design that would work for making multiple cards and because the surface is flat, easy to mail, too.

And now back to stamping! Loved coloring this traditional style image from the Christmas Bunch set with my Copic markers and adding Novu drops snow to the tree. A little glitter here and there and a traditional matting using designer paper finished off my card. Designer paper is our friend for providing quick and effective backgrounds. It’s been a good week .. cute bears and a snowman. Life is good.

I gave Cooper the assignment this week of checking on Daylight Saving Time. After doing his research, he informed me that Benjamin Franklin, back in 1784 was the first person to suggest adjusting the time to create more daylight in the evenings and less in the mornings. But it wasn’t until 1966 that the Uniform Time Act was passed so most states changed their clocks on the same date. However, Hawaii and Arizona don’t participate in Daylight Saving Time. Cooper thinks perhaps they have enough daylight mornings and evenings so that no adjustment is necessary.

Here is Cooper with a reminder to set your clocks back one hour on Sunday, November 4th this year. Cooper will be delighted when he is fed one hour earlier all winter.

And speaking of time … time to stow the scissors, clean up and pack up. It’s been great visiting with all of you and sharing what can be done with Penny Black’s stamps and dies for the winter and holiday seasons. It is also time to say thank you for all your good wishes for my health. I am happy to report I am doing well. I am grateful for the medications that restore energy to my muscles. There are still days when certain muscle groups decide to act up, which makes life more interesting than impossible. Mr. RWS and I enjoy a laugh when my shoulders decide they can’t bear the weight of my elbows, and the elbows decide they can’t bear the weight of my wrists, and the wrists complain about my fingers, and the fingers just have to grin and bear it, as there is no one to complain to.

As I shared in my story today, I have no idea which part of the brain is acting up and causing havoc with meal planning in our home. Perhaps this is not caused at all by my MG diagnosis, but is rather just this wife and mother being weary of the decades of being in charge of cooking at our house.

Until next time, if we haven’t faded away from nutritional deficiencies, Cooper and I will see you here at the Penny Black blog. Sadly, we haven’t been spending as much time as we would like at the Penny Circle Flickr Gallery lately, but I will talk to the muscle groups in charge and see what we can manage.

Shop for today’s featured Penny Black supplies


Card No. 1: 30-514 Season’s Marvel, 51-060 Exultations, 51-416 Stitched Stackers

Card No. 2: 30-521 Nose to Nose, 30-504 Christmas Sentiments, 30-520 Christmas Bunch, 51-418 Wavy Stitch Edges

Card No. 3: 51-384 Evergreen Tree, 51-418 Wavy Stitch Edges, 51-416 Sleigh, 51-460 Holiday Hello

Card No. 4: 51-021 Love and Joy, 51-410 Cut Out Wreath

Card No. 5: 30-504 Christmas Sentiments, 30-520 Christmas Bunch, 51-027 Triple Banner, 51-422 Stitched Square and Circles, 80-012 Wintertime

26 Comments leave one →
  1. October 27, 2018 1:42 am

    Love all your cards, I’m going to steal your wreath card idea, if that’s ok with adorable Cooper! 🐶

  2. Jan Pignanelli permalink
    October 27, 2018 3:14 am

    Tired of cooking!!! Don’t get me started, lol! Love the crispness and use of the die borders on the tree card. And all the details you gave the bear cubs are sweet and soft! You’re on a roll, Judy!

  3. Sue CD permalink
    October 27, 2018 5:40 am

    Cooper looks so darn studious with the glasses and dictionary. So nice of him to let you accessorize and pose him! I have several PB stamps/dies for the Christmas season. Thanks for all your inspirational cards!. I’ll make a decision while I am trying to think of a new wrinkle on an old favorite for dinner. Now, what can I do with noodles? (I love them)

  4. Marliese permalink
    October 27, 2018 5:44 am

    Don’t know what I like best, your beautiful cards or the cute pictures of Cooper. Also, I’m totally in agreement with you…I hate cooking.

  5. Julie Anne permalink
    October 27, 2018 6:23 am

    Well, here is Wisconsin we are cleaning up fall leaves just in time for winter!!! I love your cards and stories, both are so fun!!! I agree with cooking, it gets “old” after awhile, day after day!!!

  6. Jackie Whitmarsh permalink
    October 27, 2018 6:24 am

    I love that tree! It’s the kind of tree I like for Christmas. I don’t like the pruned up cone trees that are so thick ornaments don’t hang-they lay on the tree, like you buy at a tree lot or farm. We are lucky to own property where we can cut our own trees, and I tell my husband it has to have holes! I have an abundance of large ornaments that need space.
    All the other cards are great-love the bears and snowman especially.
    And I hear you about meals. I don’t think it’s so much that I hate to cook, it’s coming up with something to make. I ask my husband what to make and he says whatever, or I don’t know, and I tell him I don’t have a recipe for that:) However, yesterday he came home with some potato sausage. Yey, he made a decision about a meal! Worked for me!
    Cooper looks like he doesn’t like DST any more than I do.
    Wishing you a month ahead with more good days than bad, and maybe a trip to your favorite restaurant.

  7. Ginger permalink
    October 27, 2018 6:56 am

    Always enjoy your cards and commentary. May I suggest working your way thru a good slow cooker cookbook. Take good care.

  8. October 27, 2018 7:01 am

    Bless your heart. I understand…food just doesn’t hold the same attention it di when my husband was alive. I force myself to eat because my parents still are in need of my services. They are 95 and and well…we won’t get into that. Hang on…maybe Christmas treats will change us.

  9. Gina Goodling permalink
    October 27, 2018 7:51 am

    I have read your column for quite awhile without commenting and today I just wanted you to know how uplifting and respected and valued you are, and really so much more. You write with such humor, even in the face of tough times and we on the sidelines are cheering you on. These so called golden years are challenging for many of us as we age and we need you in our court providing art therapy with your cards and laughter with your stories of your husband and that cute dog, Cooper!
    Stay strong, be resilient and take good care of yourself!
    Fondly, Gina
    Ps Broccoli is so over rated!

    • jillianfoster82 permalink*
      October 27, 2018 9:54 am

      So well said, Gina! I must add… DITTO! I agree!!! Thanks, Judy, for being YOU and sharing yourself and your talents with us. HUGS!

  10. Sue permalink
    October 27, 2018 8:39 am

    We are a multigenerational family of 8. After 50+ years of cooking I think anyone gets tired. But dang it! They all want to eat every nite. Love your cards and inspiration – and of course, Cooper.

  11. October 27, 2018 9:27 am

    Awesome creations! Hang in there!

  12. barbara lassiter permalink
    October 27, 2018 10:20 am

    Thanks again for your card ideas and inspiration! Keep on keeping on! 🙂 Cooper must be the most co-operative dog ever (and the cutest)! As for cooking and noodles, I remembered this quote from Dorothea Benton Frank in one of her novels, that I had copied in my journal, and had to mention it. “Did you ever think about how much of our lives revolve around food? I mean, it is the craziest thing! All we do is talk about it, buy it, cook it, serve it, clean it up and then stress over how much we ate and how much we weigh!” 🙂 Is it any wonder that after a number of years, “Let’s eat out ” becomes a favorite quote! (sorry this is so long)

  13. Jan Castle permalink
    October 27, 2018 10:44 am

    Your cards are extra special today Judy…love them all and the variety is great!!!! You definitely inspire me to do more crafting!!! Especially like the Cut out Wreath as this will make really quick and easy cards! Getting ready for our yearly Craft Sale here at the Manor 11-2 so creating like crazy – LOL! Will be a FUN day!!! Cooper looks adorable, and so helpful! Hope your week goes well Judy and you get to enjoy less cooking! Hope you have beautiful Fall colors in Alabama…they are GORGEOUS here in Oregon right now!
    Paper Hugs,

    • judka permalink
      October 27, 2018 10:46 am

      And Happy Birthday, Jan!! Birthdays are a great invention!

      • Jan Castle permalink
        October 27, 2018 10:42 pm

        Thank You Judy…I appreciate your good wishes!

  14. creatingincolors permalink
    October 27, 2018 12:10 pm

    You are so funny – Cooper running for noodles LOL! I must admit your thoughts on snacking and cooking are similar to mine at this point. Your cards today are all outstanding, and I couldn’t pick a favorite. You are an inspiration in many ways.

  15. Ruth E Hall permalink
    October 27, 2018 12:20 pm

    Judy, your cards are lovely!! I agree with you regarding cuteness!! Also blue and silver are indeed a great Christmas combo. I am sorry to hear of your difficulties and am glad Mr. RWS is supportive and understanding. Best Wishes,Ruth H.

  16. October 27, 2018 12:40 pm

    Hurrah–made it here without being so late this time! I just love all your cards today, Judy! Wishing I’d gotten the wreath die–it IS beautiful! The first card with that gorgeous tree & beautiful mats may be my favorite–stunning! Your food story made me laugh–always love reading what you have for us. So glad you’re doing well & can laugh at the issues when they come up–truly inspiring, my friend. Hugs to you & a pat on the head for Cooper!

  17. DebbieP permalink
    October 27, 2018 2:26 pm

    Lovely cards today (as always). I especially like the wreath card as it seems really fast and easy when you have a lot of cards to make. Cooper is so cooperative to let you put glasses on him. And your tales of cooking woes made me laugh. Whenever I ask my husband what he wants to eat he ALWAYS just says chicken! Not much help, right? To me, the hardest part is deciding what to cook. Lately, on too many days, I just say let’s eat out…not helping our waistlines though. Maybe noodles will be on the menu soon….

  18. Jean mamo permalink
    October 27, 2018 8:56 pm

    Such beautiful cards. I am sorry about your food issues and think noodles are a great invention.

  19. renee milner permalink
    October 28, 2018 6:23 am

    I enjoyed seeing your cards and cracked up about the “orange cheesy salted puffs of deliciousness and orange powder”–those things are pure evil and I have to look the other way at the grocery store. Sometimes I fail, though, and buy a bag. I’d probably eat the entire bag in one day if it weren’t for our teenaged son. I eat a handful and hand the bag to him.
    Cooper looks very dapper, and it appears he’s reached the age of needing readers 🙂

  20. October 28, 2018 1:46 pm

    Oh, I so agree with you about being tired of cooking, and cleaning and planning meals. Sometimes, I just don’t want to. Period! It’s so good to hear others are experiencing the same phenomenon. I think the trying to come up with something is the worst. Thanks for your humor and honesty. I look so forward to your posts! .

  21. Jane Harrah permalink
    October 28, 2018 3:31 pm

    Hoping you feel better soon. Love the cards and want to send you a hug.

  22. October 28, 2018 4:12 pm

    Fabulous cards as norm. Haven’t got many PB stamps or dies but hope to find some somewhere in the UK asap. I love nose to nose and the wreath is a great die for speedy x-mas cards. Oh I do hate cooking lately and everyday asking my husband “what’s he want for dinner” He is old school and like his meat and 2 vegs and potato. Noodles is a great invention. Hope you enjoy the steaks :>) Had frost this morning so gloves are back out. Keep well and take care. Love to Cooper. hugs x

  23. Enny permalink
    October 30, 2018 1:33 am

    Wow, your cards are so beautiful, I can’t choose, love them all ! I also get tired of cooking sometimes, and yes my little doggy knows noodles too ! Cooper looks very professional, he really is adorable ! We have Winter-time since last weekend, but Europe would like to stop the time-changing in future. What will it be : Winter-time or Summer-time forever…. ? Wish you all the best, especially a good health. Enny

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