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Make a difference and shop “Stamping with Scooter” TODAY!

June 3, 2021

Once up on a time there was precious pup that stole our hearts and became a member of the Penny Black family.

We invite you adventure through the pages of our new catalog, Stamping with Scooter, where you can meet the real Scooter and her friends, find out how you can make a difference with these happy stamps, and surely finish perusing with a smile on your face and your fingers itching to get crafty.

Whatcha waiting for? Ruff, ruff!

(Did we mention it’s full of BONUS card ideas and pictures of the real Scooter?!)

You can also join Jill in this video presentation of each new product with lots of card ideas, too!

Watch directly on YouTube HERE.

A portion of the proceeds of sales from our Stamping with Scooter stamps will be donated to rescue centers with the goal of helping older dogs find loving homes. Our first featured charity is beyond amazing. We are proud to introduce you to (drumroll please!)…..

Visit the Muttville website to see all the special work they are doing every day.

You read that right, our new collection, Stamping with Scooter, is now available in our online store! To view all of the new products, be sure to click on the ‘new’ section on the left-hand sidebar.

Because this collection especially close to our hearts, we’re celebrating the launch with A BIG GIVEAWAY!! One lucky winner will receive the entire collection of the new “Stamping with Scooter” stamps. Enter by leaving a comment on today’s blog post. For an extra entry, “like” our Facebook page and leave a comment there. And there’s one more way to enter! Follow us on Instagram @pennyblackstamps, and leave us a comment there, too. Giveaway closes Sunday, June 13, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST. The winner will be announced here on our blog.


62 Comments leave one →
  1. Marisela Delgado permalink
    June 3, 2021 2:39 am

    Oh my goodness, Scooter is too cute! I love the stamps and what they support. So adorable. I 💜 Dogs!

  2. Jill W. permalink
    June 3, 2021 3:33 am

    Scooter reminds me of one of my childhood dogs. Looking forward to seeing more of this cute collection!

  3. Sharon Brand permalink
    June 3, 2021 3:44 am

    This is a wonderful collection! And rescue dogs is
    such a worthy cause!

  4. Jeanne Beam permalink
    June 3, 2021 5:12 am

    What a sweet collection! Scooter looks like a dog my family had years ago…
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Sandy C permalink
    June 3, 2021 5:20 am

    I feel like I have come to know Scooter thru this new stamp collection. It’s so cute …and great for friends and family with that special furry friend.

  6. Bonnie Nack permalink
    June 3, 2021 5:46 am

    Thanks for a chance to win entire set of stamps. Hi Scoooter.

  7. Jane Harrah permalink
    June 3, 2021 6:23 am

    We have a rescue named Cody. His name was Freely when we got him. We changed it. He was from Scottsdale Alabama where they don’t have neutering laws. He is a lab/pit mix and the sweetest, most loving dog ever! The hole neighborhood says how great he is. Your pup is a lot like him only smaller. Cody is 60 pounds! I think a need a Scooter stamp because I can color in the brown spots just like Cody has!

  8. Mel H permalink
    June 3, 2021 6:37 am

    I love the idea of supporting senior rescues. Senior doggies have so much love to give!

  9. Dee Earnshaw permalink
    June 3, 2021 6:55 am

    oooh what a fabulous giveaway – I would love to win this seriously cute collection!!!

  10. June 3, 2021 7:09 am

    #Dogmom here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection! I love that you are donating to such an amazing cause! What an AWESOME release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sheri Kempke permalink
    June 3, 2021 7:42 am

    This collection is awesome! We’ve got a rescued “grand” greyhound, my husband and I care for a feral cat community, we’ve been participating in the TNR program for 8 years. We have a bunch of now “senior” cats living in our backyard. Thanks for your work on behalf of the rescued animals.

  12. June 3, 2021 8:21 am

    Scooter reminds me of my dog Smokey( who thinks he is a human). Love the stamp sets, I will have to put these in my budget..So cute

  13. Kathy McKie permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:21 am

    Cuteness overload! What a great stamp set and a wonderful cause.

  14. Peg Klitch permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:24 am

    Love these stamps and that you are donating to such a worthy cause. I’m the fourth mother to Oliver, a Dachshound who is now ten years old. He is so devoted to me and trying to learn to play with other dogs but it’s difficult for him. He was attacked six months ago by a bigger dog who was off leash and came right up to us while on our walk. Some $500 later and surgery to repair the bites on both sides of his neck, he is now very afraid to go walking very far from home. Love and cherish your pets for they would do anything for us.

  15. Stacy Tk permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:25 am

    Wonderful new stamp collection and extra special that it’s based on a member of the Penny Black family

  16. Kimberly permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:25 am

    Absolutely adorable stamp sets with a precious pup! What a wonderful way to honor her memory!

  17. Therese Johansson permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:27 am

    Love love love furry friends like Scooter!

  18. Ginny D permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:34 am

    We’ve always supported rescue dogs and so happy to see this collection – love how you included some of your hedgehogs too! I’d love to share a win like this with my stamping friends!

  19. Lillian permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:35 am

    I love this collection as much as so many others you create….but the memory makes it extra special

  20. Mary Wesche permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:35 am

    What a wonderful tribute!!! Your stamps tell a wonderful story of a much loved dog!!!! I recently lost a 16 yr old hospice dog I took in for her final months. Our home has never been without a dog!!! They are all part of our families! Kudos for helping rescue sites!

  21. Gail Spresser permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:43 am

    Loving all these scooter stamps. Wish I could have them all! Thank you.

  22. Liz E permalink
    June 3, 2021 9:01 am

    Thank you for supporting help for older dogs; they’re so under-loved. My daughter has rescued many older Great Danes and they’ve lived much longer lives than expected thanks to loving care.

  23. Jo Ann F. permalink
    June 3, 2021 9:09 am

    Such a cute collection, and I like that you are supporting rescue dogs.

  24. June 3, 2021 9:12 am

    Scooter, and the stamps he’s inspired are just darling! Thanks for the video closeup.

  25. Allison Inouye permalink
    June 3, 2021 9:21 am

    This collection is so cute….and I love that it’s for a good cause…Scooter looks a lot like my dog Bella 🙂

  26. Char Timothy permalink
    June 3, 2021 9:23 am

    Looks good! Nothing better than a dog that has found its forever home.

  27. Shelly Birkwood permalink
    June 3, 2021 9:28 am

    What a fabulous new line! Scooter is such a love! Thank you for supporting and helping seniors. 🙂

  28. Jackie Davis permalink
    June 3, 2021 9:40 am

    These are just adorable and the story of Scooter is so real. We love our fur babies so much, sometimes more than our human counterparts. I just love all these stamps and love that you are donating some of the proceeds to help animals find their “furever” homes, especially seniors. We just adopted two senior cats and they are the best.

  29. June 3, 2021 9:50 am

    Scooter is so adorable, and such a loveable character! I love that Penny Black is supporting senior animals, who should be able to live their best lives filled with love. ♥

  30. Barbara Roe permalink
    June 3, 2021 10:32 am

    These stamps are pawsitively adorable. Each set is as cute as the other. Thank you and good luck. The YouTube is so touching.

  31. Patricia Rowe permalink
    June 3, 2021 10:45 am

    I would love to win.

  32. Kathleen Barrett permalink
    June 3, 2021 10:52 am

    I have 2 senior dogs (14 & 15) and these sets warm my heart. After my heart dog died in 2014, we adopted a 12 year old senior in her honor. I’m so happy to see that PB is donating some proceeds to senior rescue. Proud to be a PB fan!

  33. Ruth Moore permalink
    June 3, 2021 11:03 am

    Scooter is almost as cute as my pandemic puppy, Gracie Jo. I wish I could leave a picture so that Scooter could get to know her. Thanks for making these adorable stamps!

  34. Sandi Tedesco permalink
    June 3, 2021 11:17 am

    Omg!!! These are the cutest stamps ever!!! 😍

  35. Kelly Dean permalink
    June 3, 2021 11:33 am

    Super cute.

  36. Ann Catherine Wong permalink
    June 3, 2021 12:21 pm

    Super cute release. I love all the images of Scooter together with Hedgie! 😍 So glad some proceeds go to support Muttville.

  37. Kimberly Gillette permalink
    June 3, 2021 12:28 pm

    Just LOVE this line of stamps!

  38. Glennis Farrell permalink
    June 3, 2021 12:28 pm

    He is so cute, what a great new release – fingers crossed

  39. Marty B permalink
    June 3, 2021 12:29 pm

    Love Scooter and that your donating to such a worthy cause! 🥰 This new collection is adorable!!! Just love our 4 legged’s!

  40. Enny Ceulemans permalink
    June 3, 2021 12:41 pm

    Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous ! Scooter is so cute and I love the stamp collection ! I have rescued 3 dogs from a rescue center : Flupke, Flo and Tipsi ! The first 2 are in heaven now, but I still have Tipsi. She makes me so happy, especially in these Corona times. Such a wonderful idea to support an animal rescue center !

  41. Jana Isaacson permalink
    June 3, 2021 12:46 pm

    The new Scooter-inspired collection is adorable! And rescue dogs are the best!

  42. June 3, 2021 12:49 pm

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this collection!! As a Mum of three rescues I think this release is TOTAL SMASHING!! I can’t wait to purchase some of these adorable stamp sets but winning the whole collection would be MAGNIFICENT!! God Bless & the Love of Christ to you & yours!!

  43. Carol Bloomberg permalink
    June 3, 2021 2:20 pm

    Scooter is so cute! Dogs are so wonderful, I love my rescue. Charlie.

    Thanks for a chance to win the new collection.

    Carol B

  44. Denise Bryant permalink
    June 3, 2021 2:23 pm

    Scooter is so cute! Love this new collection!

  45. Jenn Wells permalink
    June 3, 2021 3:52 pm

    This collection is awesome! I can relate to Scooter. He is a lot like my dog Casey. Would love to have the collection to do cards and pages of my two rescue dogs. And our rescue cats too.

  46. Eileen M permalink
    June 3, 2021 5:33 pm

    What a terrific release, from the mom of a 14 year old rescued border collie/blue heeler mix. Lots of wonderful inspiration, too!

  47. Laura L permalink
    June 3, 2021 5:49 pm

    Great stamps! I love the inspiration – and Scooter is so dang cute! Senior pet adoption is close to my heart and Muttville looks like an incredible organization.

  48. Dawn Wolf permalink
    June 3, 2021 6:33 pm

    Thank you for sharing Scooter with us. I love the stamps! It’s easy to see the love you share.

  49. June 3, 2021 6:45 pm

    WOW! Adorable new release. This little guy and his friends are so adorable!!

  50. marye342 permalink
    June 3, 2021 7:05 pm

    These stamps are adorable! I see lots of fun cards!

  51. Sue D permalink
    June 3, 2021 7:50 pm

    Scooter is adorable. Fun stamp sets and great cause.

  52. Sue Parelius permalink
    June 3, 2021 7:56 pm

    I have always loved your stamps and have many of them but the showcasing of Muttville and all the great work they are doing for older animals touchs my heart.
    Thank you for making a difference in the lives of fur babies.

  53. Linda S. permalink
    June 3, 2021 8:19 pm

    This collection is an amazing tribute to the memory of Scooter and with so many fun and wonderful scenes & phrases it will be a great addition to anyone who has had the love of a dog in their lives and family…we know the true treasure of them being in our lives….well done!!

  54. Janet Sisk permalink
    June 3, 2021 10:31 pm

    Your new “Scooter” collection looks adorable. It’s great to see your company supporting a worthy cause. Thanks for the chance to win! 😀

  55. June 3, 2021 11:27 pm

    Aww I love Scooter! And fab news that you’re donating to dog rescue too!

  56. Maria Alder permalink
    June 4, 2021 1:05 am

    I love scooter, he is soooo cute. If we didn’t have pet allergy’s in the family I would have a houseful of elderly dogs because they need a cuddle too xx

  57. June 4, 2021 2:47 am

    I love the animal focused stamps.

  58. Jean marmo permalink
    June 4, 2021 4:40 am

    This is absolutely delightful and perfect, such a cute pup!!

  59. Tracy Sangster permalink
    June 4, 2021 4:50 am

    The story of Scooter touched my heart and I love every stamp set shown.

  60. stampinwithaloha permalink
    June 4, 2021 10:31 am

    OMG! Such an adorable collection!!!

  61. Jennifer Williams permalink
    June 5, 2021 3:21 am

    Scooter is the cutest! And the new line of stamps is soooo sweet! So happy to meet the newest family member to Penny Black stamps!!!

  62. June 8, 2021 1:24 pm

    This is such a great cause! I adore the new Scooter stamps!! ❤

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