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alexandra’s Sunday scrapbooking – We’ll always have Paris

April 14, 2018
Hello dear Friends! Welcome to another edition of scrapbooking with Penny Black inc. products. Today, I thought I would share two cards made with the truly magical slapstick/Cling stamp called In Paris. I hope you’ll join us over @ art scrap & more. Thank You!



Runs with Scissors

April 14, 2018

Welcome, dear Readers. I am wondering if April has stopped having her tantrums in your part of the world.   Ms. April has been exhibiting very feisty behavior here in northern Alabama and I’ve been reading of her bad behavior throughout the United States. There will be no more talk of spring or the weather from me until she starts behaving herself.

I have been behaving here in the Penny Black studio and have found even more ways to use the stamps and dies in the Sweet Spring collection. Also, I discovered the newest Penny Black release, Nature’s Art, sitting on the counter. It was like discovering a box of chocolates, amazing in its variety: butterflies, flowers and toddlers, oh my! There are bonus cards this week, thanks to Penny Black’s leaving the new release where I could find it!

Why I waited so long to use this stamp from the Sublime clear set, I don’t know. I used a light touch with my Copic markers and before I knew it, the image was colored. I trimmed my cardstock using the Ribbon Stackers die and the sentiment is stamped on a smaller die from that set which is large enough for some of the medium sentiments, always a good thing. Since we are creative people expressing ourselves in art, we can color any bird any colors we choose. No stress, just joy.

Here she is – our yoga woman from the Breathe set and this time her little pup is showing some interest. Perhaps he’s heard about the “extended puppy” pose or the “downward facing dog” pose. Ms. Yoga is sitting on the Wood Floor in front of the “window” created with the Ribbon Stackers die. She is taking the New You sentiment from the New Year New You die set to heart.

The little bow from the Bow Set is right at home on the Spontaneous Joy flower. There are so many ways to color these brush stroke stamps. For this card, I applied ink directly from the ink pad onto the stamp and using my MISTI stamp positioner stamped several layers of color. I filled in the background using a light Copic marker. The gorgeous Penny Black floral stamps are perfect for any occasion.

Blog Topics

Dear Readers, in an effort to keep things interesting during the narrative portion of my Runs with Scissors posts, I “Googled” the words “Blog Topics” and found some interesting suggestions. My original idea for this week was to share with you how annoying and irritating I find Robocalls to be. However, I realized this would do nothing to brighten your day. So instead, here I go with a few of the topics suggested for making a blog post interesting. My tongue is firmly planted in my check as I write this!

Outfit of the Day: I admit to being a bit confused by this topic. Why in the world would anyone be interested in what I am wearing? By “of the day” do they mean just today or is it more helpful to post an entire week’s worth of outfits? I will just describe what I am wearing today and if there is further interest, I would be happy to describe a week’s worth of outfits for any of you who struggle deciding what to wear.

Today I am wearing a pair of “mom” jeans and a deep rose colored sweatshirt adorned with three large stylistic cats in bright blue, yellow and orange. And because I was chilly I added my well worn and well loved button down the front pink sweatshirt embellished with stitched flowers. It is almost old enough to be classified as “vintage”. If I were to post a week’s worth of outfits they would mostly be a variation of this theme.

I trust this has been helpful.

My Photo Collection: I have photos: lots and lots and lots of photos. I even have some photos that have been put in albums, documenting special trips, such as Yellowstone, England and a memorable wilderness camping trip to Lake Wabakimi in Canada. Otherwise, I have a large plastic tote stored in the bedroom closet filled with old photos. Two years ago I did sort through them and delivered to each of our seven children the photos pertaining to them and their childhood. My original intention of making everyone an album was declared “mission impossible”. Oh, and there is a cardboard box filled with photos taken with my Advantix camera during the years 1998 through 2000 and optimistically labeled “Photos Needing Albums”. These are stored in their original envelopes and dated. This system worked well for me at the time. Part of my plan is to do to my children what my mother did to me: leave a large collection of undated and unexplained photos for the next generation to deal with.

I hope there is something useful here to assist you in managing your own photo collections. Feel free to include “good intentions” as part of your system.

Share Morning Routine: For those of you who have no morning routine, I am happy to share with you how I begin my day. Mr. RWS is a very early riser and is always up before I am. Once he notices the light is on in the bedroom, he brings me a toasted French Swirl bagel and orange juice, along with the daily pages that pass as a newspaper lately. Cooper joins me on the bed and stares at me while I eat. He prefers banana muffins to bagels, but he still stares.

Once I have eaten my bagel and spent time with my electronic tablet catching up on the latest on Facebook I look up, shocked at how much time has passed since I woke up. Social media can be so time consuming.

Next, I shoo Cooper off the bed and quickly make it. My bed is always made immediately after I vacate it. The next half hour or so is spent guiltily beginning my daily chores: empty wastebaskets, start a load of laundry, and open the front door so Cooper can check out who is visiting the post supporting his mailbox. Sometimes I start the dishwasher, too. And then, while my machines are working, I get showered and dressed for the day.   See above.

For those of you with no routine, this one works for me, especially the toasted bagel part.

Bacon: Yes, this was listed as a blog topic my readers might be interested in. So let me tell you about the role bacon plays in my life. Mr. RWS is a heart patient and we have no business having bacon anywhere near our home, much less in our refrigerator or freezer. I probably should end this right here, but in the interest of full disclosure, we do eat bacon.

I cook my bacon on an electric griddle until it is crisp. The last time we ate breakfast in a diner, the bacon was served limp. That is abominable. Bacon should not wave at you as you lift it to your mouth.

In the summer, we make bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and often after church we have a brunch of bacon and eggs. This is off topic, but we like our eggs over medium.

I am not known for doing anything fancy with bacon, but I did notice in the grocery store last week that there is bacon flavored pancake syrup! Perhaps that is helpful information for you, too. However, if your interest in bacon runs deeper than I’ve explored, feel free to Google bacon recipes.

I have not run out of topics but I do not want to overwhelm you with too much educational and interesting material all at one time. I will keep my notes and use the information for a future Runs with Scissors.

Please do provide feedback about how I’ve helped you or changed your life with these blog topics. The article was pretty certain my readers would be interested in what I had to say on these subjects. I certainly hope so.

The Stitched Gift Box has opened up to let the Numbers inside pop out to acknowledge a golden wedding anniversary. The Stitched Gift Box is from the Sweet Spring release, but the Numbers and Love dies are favorites from previous releases. The borders on the white cardstock are from the Stitched Square and Circles die set and the Stitched Stackers die set. They work well together and provide a nicely finished edge to the cardstock.

I am always happy to come up with a design for more masculine cards. Starting out with kraft cardstock is a good first step. Next, I used the Starry die to swoosh stars across the top of the card. I mounted the kraft face onto black cardstock and added the Happy Birthday sentiment using the Your Day die. The little pup is from the Good Times stamp set and he is enjoying his cupcake as any pup would.

The Belle cling stamp has a matching die which makes cutting out the image super easy. I created a base for the flower using the Stitched Stackers die to cut out the white cardstock and then used the Wonky Squares die to cut out the green “trellis”. The little tag for the sentiment is made using the smallest die in the Stitched Stackers die set. It is just the right size for many of the sentiments in the Happy Snippets stamp set, another old favorite.

Nature’s Art Release:

In spite of the cool temperatures, the iris are blooming here in Alabama. I love blending the various shades of purple to bring the flowers to life. This image is Summer Glow, a cling stamp. I plan to try my hand at watercoloring these flowers next time. The Nature’s Art release contains many gorgeous floral stamps, some brushstroke, some line drawings. Flowers really are nature’s art.

Flowing Butterflies is the name of the butterfly die from the Nature’s Art release. This is the most delicate butterfly die ever! I have glued it down only intermittently so you can see how beautiful and flowing this set of butterflies is. I picture this butterfly die gracing many of my summer cards.

Here is comfy Cooper, just before I evict him from the bed. I know – it isn’t easy.

Once again, it is time to stow the scissors. There is nowhere else where time flies like it does here on the Penny Black blog. I want you to know on Saturdays my morning routine involves frequent checking of my Runs with Scissors posts to read your encouraging comments that often include how what I write connects with your lives, too. I value every comment and thank you for including Runs with Scissors in your morning routine. For now, I am going to be stopping by the Penny Circle Flickr Gallery to see what’s being shared. The new release Nature’s Art is now available at the Penny Black store. Happy shopping!

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Card No. 7: 30-464 Choose Happy, 40-610 Summer Glow, 51-416 Stitched Stackers

Card No. 8: 30-419 Happy Wishes, 51-411 Rows of Stitches, 51-444 Flowing Butterflies


April 13, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that our new collection, Nature’s Art, is now available in our online store!

You can view the complete Nature’s Art catalog by clicking HERE

Shop HERE.

Join us next week for even more Nature’s Art inspiration and a GIVEAWAY!

One more thing… TGIF!

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Sneak Peek Collection

April 12, 2018

More furry friends, fun fashionistas, and sunny days…. time for another sneak peek!

And in case you missed the sneak peeks on our Facebook and Instagram pages this week, here’s a look at entire collection of sneak peek fun. Spot any new favorites?

NOTE: Our new collection, Nature’s Art, will be available in our online store TOMORROW, Friday, April 13.

MORE Sneak Peeks!

April 11, 2018

Are you ready for more sneak peeks?

Our upcoming collection has gorgeous intricate dies perfect for fun folds and fresh card designs…

and you’ll also spot a few feathered friends, too!

NOTE: Our new collection, Nature’s Art, will be available in our online store beginning Friday, April 13. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more sneak peeks.

Sneak Peek Time!

April 10, 2018

Are you ready for fresh new stamps and dies? You’re in luck… we have a gorgeous new collection headed your way very soon. But until then, how about a few sneak peeks?

If you love our brushstroke stamps, we have more unique blooms coming soon!

And we can’t forget our four-legged friends!

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for even more sneak peeks this week. (If you are not on Facebook or Instagram, we will share ALL of the sneak peeks here on our blog on Thursday. We don’t want to leave anyone out!)

NOTE: Our new collection, Nature’s Art, will be available in our online store beginning Friday, April 13.

And before you go, don’t miss this week’s card on our SIMPLICITY site…



VIDEO: Gimme 5 with Therese Calvird

April 9, 2018

We’re kicking off the week with a new video from the super talented Therese Calvird!

For this month’s GIMME 5 video series, where Therese features five “same but different” card designs, she is sharing five unique ways to use our Creative Die, 51-432 Leaf Pattern.

Watch directly on YouTube HERE.

We just love this collection of cards and the unique color scheme, too! Here’s a closer look at each design.

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51-093 Heartfelt
51-405 Love and Roses
51-224 Love to Travel
51-242 Shall We Dance