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Mimi’s Poppy Party

March 14, 2018

Over the next several weeks our designers and crafty friends will be joining us to share their creations featuring our newest collectionof stamps and Creative Dies, Sweet Spring. This week we feature Micheline “Mimi” Jourdain’s springtime delights.

With three beautiful cards to share today, it’s certainly a poppy party with Mimi! For her first pretty poppies, Mimi has featured our Slapstick/Cling stamp, 40-597 Spontaneous Joy.

Next, Mimi has two more cards, both featuring our Slapstick/Cling stamp, 40-613 Parade of Flowers.

Her first card features bold, richly colored blooms and a dynamic watercolor background.

Her next card gives this stamp a completely different look… so modern and beautiful!

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Card One: 30-470 Just Believe, 40-597 Spontaneous Joy
Card Two: 40-603 The Bunch!, 40-613 Parade of Flowers
Card Three: 30-470 Just Believe, 40-613 Parade of Flowers



Double Take with Blissful Blossoms

March 13, 2018

Over the next several weeks our designers and crafty friends will be joining us to share their creations featuring our newest collectionof stamps and Creative Dies, Sweet Spring. This week we feature Micheline “Mimi” Jourdain’s springtime delights.

Our Slapstick/Cling stamp, 40-600 Blissful Blossoms, is the epitome of sweet spring. And look no further than Mimi’s cards today for fun designs featuring this stamp.

For her first card design, Mimi has done layered stamping on a white background. This gives this stamp a clean and simple look that is soft and delicate.

On her next card design, Mimi intensified the colors, added a watercolor background, and also stamped a border accent using our transparent set, 30-462 Flourish Borders.

And before you go, don’t miss this week’s card on our SIMPLICITY site…


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40-600 Blissful Blossoms
30-464 Choose Happy
30-471 Sweet You!
30-462 Flourish Borders


Trio of Brushstroke Beauties

March 12, 2018

Over the next several weeks our designers and crafty friends will be joining us to share their creations featuring our newest collectionof stamps and Creative Dies, Sweet Spring.

This week we welcome Micheline “Mimi” Jourdain’s springtime stamping delights.

Today is all about bold brushstroke stamping and Mimi’s first card features our Slapstick/Cling stamp, 40-598 Becoming.

For her next two cards, Mimi shares variations with our Slapstick/Cling stamp, 40-592 Lilacs. On the first card she’s added additional stamped details with our transparent set, 30-462 Flourish Borders.

And on her second card, Mimi’s lilacs are complimented with an encouraging sentiment from our transparent set, 30-470 Just Believe.

Thank you, Mimi, for a trio of stamping and painting delights!

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Card One: 30-467 Grateful Heart, 40-598 Becoming
Card Two: 30-470 Just Believe, 30-462 Flourish Borders, 40-592 Lilacs
Card Three: 30-470 Just Believe, 40-592 Lilacs


alexandra’s Sunday scrapbooking – Make an Abstract Background with a Creative Die

March 10, 2018
Hello dear Friends! Welcome to another edition of scrapbooking with Penny Black inc. products. When I saw the “Abstract” challenge over at CASology, I knew the new Creative Die Today, Wonky Squares would be absolutely perfect as a stencil…
I hope you’ll join me over @ art scrap & more. Thank You!


Runs with Scissors

March 10, 2018

Hello, Penny Black friends. Here we are, “marching” toward the Ides of March. We are also marching toward March Madness, the basketball tournaments that finally end basketball season. In Wisconsin, it is almost guaranteed there will be crazy winter weather that interferes with travel plans and tournament schedules. What would shut down the entire south only inconveniences those sturdy residents of the northern United States.

My time in the Penny Black studio today has been spent with the Sweet Spring release which has pushed all thoughts of bad weather … or bad anything … aside.

Here are the choices I made today:

The Sweet Spring release is the perfect relief from a lingering winter. This Blossom Branch stamp is easy to ink up directly onto the stamp and using your stamp positioner, stamp a few times until you like the way your image looks. It is best to avoid heavily inking the stamp as you then lose the fine detail. I used the Stitched Stackers die to create that lovely design around the edges of my white cardstock. The die cut for the sentiment is included in that set, adding to its usefulness and its “must have-ness”.

I colored the Melody Makers image using Copic Markers and then used the Stitched Stackers die to cut out my cardstock, leaving the design around the edges. In order to have a sentiment for this card, I layered vellum on the top and stamped my very appropriate and wise message onto the vellum. Thank you, Penny Black for the reminder to be my biggest fan and not my severest critic.

I used the Dainty Whispers stamp inked with gold ink to create a background for my Happy Birthday message using the Your Day die. The oblong frame the sentiment is attached to is included in the Stitched Stackers die set. The border design is unique and does not at all resemble ordinary sewing machine stitching.   Penny Black is never ordinary.

Family Time

Last week, my brother and his wife stopped to spend a few days with us on their way home to Wisconsin from Gulf Shores where they have spent part of the winter. If I ever need a Director of Excitement, I will offer the job to my brother, Mike. He can make a party happen wherever he goes. His wife, Deb, has been his loyal fan for many years.

My sister lives nearby so we shared meal preparation and hosting. It works out well to share the chores and nothing takes long to clean up with so many hands to do the work.

Our family always enjoys playing board, dice or card games when we get together. Each meal we share is usually followed by time spent at the table just visiting and then the question comes up, “What should we play?” Each of us siblings have a collection of games collected over the years and every now and then we add something new to the collection.

This year, we introduced the group to our new favorite dice game. It’s pretty simple; there are color coded dice and a white board for each player with colored rows and numbered squares in each row. Just throw the dice and “x” off a number on your board matching the color and number on the dice. Sounds a bit like Bingo, but much more interesting and mathematically challenging.

There is no denying we are all related! You have to ask the question, “How many Type A’s does it take to explain a new game?” And then there are all the “What If’s?” that follow. Eventually, somebody assumes the role of Director of Excitement and settles everyone down and becomes the authority figure.

At one point, there was discussion of how to score a variation of the game Mr. RWS and I have been playing for more than two years. Because we were in our home and it was our game and we were the experienced players, we thought everyone would take our word for how the scoring would be handled. While most of the group accepted the version of scoring as we assumed it to be, there was one holdout who kept saying, “Why is your version the right one and mine the wrong one”? To appease her and to go forward with the game, someone Googled the rules (the printed instructions were woefully inadequate) and wouldn’t you know, she was right! Don’t you hate when that happens?

I don’t know why anyone cared very much about the details. The game is what keeps us at the table where we laugh, snack, talk too loud, and share family stories and memories. We catch up a bit on current events in each other’s lives and offer our solutions to the problems of the world.

As usual, Cooper was confused by the change in routine but he tolerated having more humans in the house and didn’t even complain about the noise level. He is sometimes smarter than the humans who occupy his life as he quietly puts himself to bed when he is tired. He wisely kept out of the loud discussion regarding the rules but I think I spotted him mumbling to himself now and then.

And then, too soon, it is time for the visitors to sneak out very early in the morning to begin their twelve hour drive to their home in Wisconsin. But not before surprising us with this lovely flower arrangement whose fragrance is filling my kitchen:

The good byes are bearable only because we know there are airplanes and highways that allow us to keep connected to nurture our family ties.

This card makes me happy. The little girl and her puppy are from the Let’s Play transparent set. I created their park setting using the Trees and Hills die set and designer paper from the Summertime paper pad. I know this is getting repetitive: but I trimmed both layers of the card using the Stitched Stackers dies.

How fun is that Stitched Gift Box? And wouldn’t it be cute to pop a little puppy or kitty peeking out from the box? This time I have included a pup from the Good Times transparent set and a sentiment from that set, too. The color combination possibilities for the Stitched Gift Box are endless. And I just realized that five out of the six cards I did today include that Stitched Stackers die! At least I gave the Antique Frame set a rest.

I wasn’t being mean when I cut the doggie from the The Bunch image for this card. Sadly, he just didn’t fit with my design. The red scarfed girl is alone on the bench with her tulips, sending birthday greetings from the Happy Critters set. The circle diecut with the detailed border is cut from the Stitched Square and Circle die set. While pastels are lovely and very appropriate for spring, sometimes a girl just needs a dose of red!

Sometimes Cooper just needs a break from his oh so busy day! For the first five years Cooper lived here he would not sleep in his bed. He seemed to prefer the floor. It’s only been a year or so that he’s “taken to his bed”. And so much so that he now owns two of them! What a guy.

Dear Readers, it is time to prepare the Penny Black studio for next week’s designers to showcase their work with the Sweet Spring release. Every day brings new inspiration. Jill Foster’s videos teach us how to bring the brush stroke stamps to life and look like an original watercolor painting. And so many ideas for just the right colors and details.

I have stowed the scissors until I see you again on March 24th. I won’t be here for St. Patrick’s day as we will be hosting a daughter and her husband for a long weekend visit.   While we miss living in Wisconsin near family, we do provide a place to get away from winter for a few days each year. As excited as I am to see Jodi and Matt, I am already thinking about how quiet the house will be after they leave.

Speaking of leaving, I am on my way to the Penny Black Flickr Gallery to admire your lovely art. Know that I read and treasure your comments. It’s like having a friend for coffee on Saturday mornings. Thank you for the happy you bring.

Note: Here in the United States, tonight is the night to adjust your clock one hour ahead to welcome Daylight Savings Time.

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Card No. 2: 30-480 Artful, 40-615 Melody Makers, 51-416 Stitched Stackers

Card No. 3: 40-596 Dainty Whispers, 51-416 Stitched Stackers, 51-431 Your Day

Card No. 4: 30-468 Let’s Play, 51-033 Silver Linings, 51-381 Trees and Hills, 51-416 Stitched Stackers

Card No. 5: 30-463 Good Times, 51-414 Stitched Gift Box, 51-416 Stitched Stackers

Card No. 6: 30-479 Happy Critters, 40-603 The Bunch, 51-422 Stacked Square and Circles


Exquisite Stamping

March 9, 2018

Over the next several weeks our designers and crafty friends will be joining us to share their creations featuring our newest collection of stamps and Creative Dies, Sweet Spring. This week we feature Heather Telford’s artful creations.

With shades of blue and purple, Heather’s final card for us is so pretty it’s almost as if you could actually smell the fragrant blooms of our cling stamp, 40-614 Exquisite.

Touches of script stamping (40-470 Script) give Heather’s card a finished look as well as a vintage appeal.

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40-470 Script
30-423 Banner Sentiments
51-352 Birds & Banners

An Awesome Aviary

March 8, 2018

Over the next several weeks our designers and crafty friends will be joining us to share their creations featuring our newest collection of stamps and Creative Dies, Sweet Spring. This week we feature Heather Telford’s artful creations.

With just one stamp, our cling stamp 40-590 Aviary, Heather has a complete card design ready for painting.

In addition to her watercolor painting, Heather used colored pencils for extra shading. The result is a loose, painted look that also includes the detail of the stamp design.

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40-590 Aviary