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Wonderful Winter Wishes

November 22, 2017

Love soft snowy skies? You are in luck! This week Birgit Edblom joins us with a trio of card creations that will have you ready to bundle up and breath the cold, crisp air.

The road may look a bit icy, but the scenery is gorgeous in this winter wonderland created with our transparent sets, 30-450 Peaceful Winter and 30-453 Love & Peace.

Don’t you just love the soft color scheme of Birgit’s painted sunset?

Design Details: Birgit began by stamping her scene using Distress Inks onto Saunders Waterford High White HP watercolor paper. She then painted the scene using Daniel Smith watercolors, allowing some of the background stamping to bleed and blend with her paints. Diluted white acrylic paint was splattered onto the background to create the look of snow.

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Snow Covered Village

November 21, 2017

Love soft snowy skies? You are in luck! This week Birgit Edblom joins us with a trio of card creations that will have you ready to bundle up and breath the cold, crisp air.

If you happen to live in this Snowy Village (40-558) then you better grab your sled and skis and head out to enjoy the day!

Birgit used unique design of this Slapstick/Cling stamp, which includes three separate stamps, to build her beautiful scene. To give it a vintage look, she added the die cut frame using our Creative Die set, 51-397 Antique Frame.

Design Details: Birgit began by stamping her village and trees using Ranger Archival ink onto Saunders Waterford High White HP watercolor paper. She then painted her scene using Daniel Smith watercolors. Once dry, she restamped the trees, very slightly offset, and heat embossed with white powder. She splattered diluted white acrylic paint to create the look of falling snow. The larger snowflakes were added with Liquid Pearls. Birgit cut her frame from textured cardstock and layered over her scene. Birgit recommends any of the following textured cardstocks: Paper Accent, Bazzill Linen Textured Cardstock, and/or Scrapberrys Canvas Cardstock.

One more thing! Don’t miss this week’s card on our SIMPLICITY site…

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Soft Snowy Skies with Birgit

November 20, 2017

Love soft snowy skies? You are in luck! This week Birgit Edblom joins us with a trio of card creations that will have you ready to bundle up and breath the cold, crisp air.

Birgit achieved an instant scene by stamping our Slapstick/Cling stamp, 40-567 Restful.

The addition of the deer from our Creative Die set, 51-069 Together, and a hand trimmed star, give this card a homespun and heartfelt feeling.

Design Details: Birgit began by stamping her scene with Ranger Archival Ink onto Saunders Waterford High White HP watercolor paper. She then painted the entire background with Daniel Smith watercolors. Once dry, she splattered the background with diluted white acrylic paint to create the look of snow.   She painted her die cut critter with Daniel Smith Watercolors and adhered it to the scene. The hand trimmed star was embellished with glitter glue for extra sparkle.

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alexandra’s Sunday scrapbooking – Tealight Holder

November 19, 2017
Hello dear Friends! Welcome to another edition of scrapbooking with Penny Black inc. products. As the days grow shorter and we are already thinking about decorating for the Holidays, I thought I would share an idea to brighten the table using the big snowflake Creative Die called: Stitch a Snowflake. I hope you’ll join me over @ art scrap & more. Thank You!


Runs with Scissors

November 18, 2017

Hello Penny Black friends. Here we are, just five days until Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I was calmly anticipating the holiday with plans to visit my daughter in Minneapolis for the holiday. And then … a phone call from the Atlanta family. Surprise! They are coming for an early Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It will be a quick overnight visit. As soon as their car is no longer in view, I will have to do a quick packing of my suitcase with no “do-overs” as I leave for Minneapolis very early Tuesday morning.

Since the Atlanta teen grandchildren have not been to our home for Christmas, I set everything else aside to put up the Christmas tree and decorate the living room. The entry way and dining room, however look like Thanksgiving. I hope it’s not too confusing for everyone. I am sure the neighbors are talking about my disregard for Thanksgiving and jumping right into Christmas. They have no idea I’ve been working on Christmas here on the Penny Black blog since August!

No surprises, however, can keep me from running with scissors today. I worked quickly between company preparations and enjoyed being in my happy place.

The Berries Delight transparent set contains four different botanical images and this one is my favorite (for now). I was in a minimalist mood when I made this card, coloring only the blossoms with yellow. I added a few Nuvo black dots amid the berries. Finally, there was just too much blank white space, even for me, so I experimented with the Stencil Cut die, trying to work it into the design. That didn’t work, but I had accumulated all these little paper circles that I then glued to the card for a more textured background. Added benefit: less vacuuming of little round circles.

As I said, Thanksgiving is next week here in the United States. I interrupted my Christmas card making to use the Pumpkin and Leaves die set and the Tree Silhouette die to honor the holiday. That’s a Distress Oxide ink background trying to show a November late afternoon. Maybe a sunny Thanksgiving day would have been better. Or at least brighter! Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be sad when my alcohol ink backgrounds are used up. Here I’ve used the Modern Xmas Tree die set as the focus against the bright colors. I love how the white pops against these backgrounds.

Bucket List Finale

My, I certainly digressed last week, becoming all involved with the story of my embarrassing musical solo. Fortunately, time takes care of most embarrassing situations and the only witness was the Professor. He may, however, still be telling the story of the worst solo performance ever!

I’ve read through many articles about bucket lists since I started this topic. What I’ve come to realize is I’ve led a very interesting life and had opportunities that some people don’t. Perhaps that is what happens if you live long enough. I have managed, without a written list, to have some amazing bucket list experiences.

But there is still life to be lived and much to accomplish so I have compiled my current bucket list:


  1. Learn to line dance
  2. Learn to accept a compliment
  3. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  4. Take the whole family on a vacation
  5. Have a total makeover
  6. Learn sign language
  7. Fly a kite again
  8. Fold 1,000 cranes
  9. Conquer my biggest fear
  10. Meet someone I could only dream of meeting

And here are some thoughts about my list:

We have an incredible Senior Center in our community and I have peeked through the gym doors when the line dancing group is rehearsing. I love the ‘boot scootin’” music and fantasize about being able to memorize the routines. I have tried but I am always a few moves behind everyone else.

That compliment item is tricky. I know I am not the only woman in the world who, when complimented on an outfit, responds with “This old thing? I’ve had it for years and almost threw it away.” Why can’t we just say, “Thank you. I’m glad you like it.”

We used to watch PBS’s Nature series every Sunday evening years ago. The videos of the Galapagos Islands were my favorite. It would be amazing to meet the giant tortoises. A quick peek at a travel site indicates a ten day trip costs about $7,000. I don’t think Mr. RWS would want to miss the trip, so the price would double. I will save this item for when we win the lottery … which isn’t even on my bucket list.

We got very close to having the entire family on the same vacation when the youngest son was married at Los Cabos, Mexico. However, my dream would be to finance the entire vacation, maybe a cruise, and make a lifetime of memories.

I enjoy TV shows that offer a makeover to an audience member. The “after” photos are often shocking. I have gone through life looking like a “before” photo and would love to be an “after” just once.

The last time I flew a kite was with my sister when we were about six and eight years old. Our Mom was napping and we were told not to try to fly the kite until she could help us. Well, we disobeyed and I think my sister would agree it was a very scary experience as the kite soared on that windy day and we were unable to control it. Thankfully, our mother came to the rescue or we may still be air borne.

Sign language fascinates me. Our church musicians often include signing when they perform in church. It has a beauty of its own, almost like dancing.

The origami folded crane is a symbol of loyalty, nobility and beauty. There are several stories associated with 1,000 cranes but mostly it is believed that anyone with the patience and commitment to fold 1,000 cranes will be granted their most fervent wish. I believe a “most fervent wish” is at a higher level than a bucket list item. I would have to think about what that would be, should I fold my thousand cranes. Do you have a most fervent wish?

Conquering my biggest fear would involve dentistry.

If I were to be granted the wish to meet someone I could only dream of meeting, I hope I would be given time to think about who that would be. This is also a provocative item for a bucket list. Do you have someone you dream of meeting?

I would love to hear about your bucket list items. There might be something out there I don’t even know I would love to do or see.

These sweet pups are from the transparent set Under the Mistletoe. I’ve used the Brick Wall cling stamp to create the background. When I finished the card I knew it needed something more. My pups were kind of floating instead of being anchored. I cut a thin strip of black cardstock and made them something to stand on. Much better.

Another card using only dies, this time the Tree Silhouette die with the deer from Inspired. The deer and the matting are made from copper cardstock that is at least fifteen years old. I really am trying to “unhoard” my paper.

Again, white diecuts, Berry Branch and We Wish You, against an alcohol ink background. You can barely see where I have cut a portion of the inked background and replaced it back into its negative space. I was just trying to add some interest, but I’m not sure it shows up enough to accomplish that goal! It is so easy to mix and match the dies in the Penny Black collections.

I hope this photo gives you some idea of how beautiful it is where we live. This is the Tennessee River, a five minute ride from our home. Those are Alabama mountains in the background. Cooper loves when we take time on a Sunday afternoon for a walk along the river. After a while he will settle under a bench to enjoy the shade before heading back to the car. If I can’t live on the water, the next best thing is to visit.

I have enjoyed the time I’ve spent with you today. I must now head into the kitchen and start making the side dishes for tomorrow’s early Thanksgiving meal. And to think I will have the privilege of sharing Thanksgiving on the actual holiday with my daughter and two more sons. Did I mention I had Thanksgiving dinner with the senior citizens at our church last week as part of my Kitchen Angels activity? Is there anyone else out there having three Thanksgiving dinners?

Seriously, I wish all of you celebrating Thanksgiving this week a safe and happy Thanksgiving. If your holiday doesn’t resemble a Norman Rockwell painting I hope you enjoy it just as it is. Someone posted on social media that she doesn’t care for turkey and they are serving crab legs instead. I know Mr. RWS wouldn’t be alright with that; he lives for the stuffing!

I’ve said it many times, I am thankful that all of you spend some time with Runs with Scissors each week and leave such lovely comments. It will have to be a quick trip to the Penny Circle Flickr Gallery today; I have chores to do. Company is coming.

And a scheduling note: I will not be running with my scissors next week. I know you will excuse me since my absence will be grandmother-related.

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Fun Friday with Yenni

November 17, 2017

Today we have with us Lovely Layer Lady, Yenni Natalia, and she’s bringing us layers upon layers of Christmas gorgeousness.

Even the inside of this masterpiece is beautiful!

One more thing… TGIF!

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Tutorial: Don’t miss these poinsettias!

November 16, 2017

Thank you for joining us here on our blog. Scroll down for card ideas, supplies, and instructions with our designers and crafty friends. This week Cathy Andronicou brings us designs with her coloring expertise. You can also view our two newest collections by clicking the following links: Peaceful Wishes and Be Merry.

Cathy has her talented hands on our Creative Dies and the results are certainly swoon-worthy! Today she’s playing with 51-362 Layered Christmas Wreath, 51-378 Layered Poinsettia, and 51-398 Wreath & Bow.

So how did Cathy create such beauty? Here’s how!

Die cut Poinsettias from white Foamiran; 2 of the large flower, 3 of the medium flower, and 4 of the small flower.  Then cut the wreath from taupe and brown cardstock and the bow twice from red cardstock.

Color the Foamiran flowers on both sides using Green Apple and Red Coral Chameleon pens.

Add shading to the bow and cut off the tails of one bow.

Shape the petals of the poinsettia with heat, glue together, and add stamen. Die cut 6 holly leaves from green cardstock.

Cut the wreath and intertwine. Glue onto square mount leaving a gap (this will make the circle bigger), then stamp sentiment using Versafine ink.

Cut a background layer from 80-017 Festive & Frosty designer paper pad and distress edges with Candied Apple and Ground Espresso ink. Mount all elements onto card base to finish.

And then… SWOON!

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