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Coloring BLISS with Mimi

March 1, 2017


With open areas and fun details, many stamps from our newest collection, BLISS 2017, are perfect for coloring! This week our designers have created simple, one-layer stamped designs and then grabbed their favorite coloring mediums to bring them to life. If you are a coloring enthusiast, we think you will especially love these new designs, featured this week: 40-513 Burst of Blooms, 40-507 Awaken, 40-508 Gladsome, and 30-418 Stitched Flowers.


Micheline “Mimi’s” approach to coloring BLISS gives the look of no-line watercolor to our Slapstick/Cling stamp, 40-507 Awaken.


She began by inking her stamp with Distress Stains and ink pads, misting with water, and stamping onto watercolor paper.


She went back and blended the colors, petal by petal, using a paintbrush and water.


Once complete, she added color to the background.


A few splatters and a sentiment and her gorgeous panel was finished.



Micheline “Mimi” has a bonus for us today… two more cards using the same technique and stamp.


Just vary the colors for a completely different look.



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Coloring BLISS with a Special Guest

February 28, 2017

Don’t miss the new creation on our Simplicity Site today… click HERE to check it out!


And now scroll down for more coloring fun!



With open areas and fun details, many stamps from our newest collection, BLISS 2017, are perfect for coloring! This week our designers have created simple, one-layer stamped designs and then grabbed their favorite coloring mediums to bring them to life. If you are a coloring enthusiast, we think you will especially love these new designs, featured this week: 40-513 Burst of Blooms, 40-507 Awaken, 40-508 Gladsome, and 30-418 Stitched Flowers.


Today we feature the coloring of a very special guest, Junior Designer, Maddi (age 16). Coloring is an activity that is great for any age. Don’t be afraid to invite the kiddos in your life to join in on your hobby!


A great approach is to pre stamp panels that they can then color with you. Perhaps make two sets and you can see how each person’s coloring transforms the stamp design in different ways. These panels were stamped onto watercolor paper using Versafine Onyx Black ink, sprinkled with clear embossing powder, and heat embossed.


Maddi has beautifully painted them in using Sakura Koi Field Sketch Box watercolors.


Her vibrant colors and shading are spectacular!


We’d love to see YOUR Junior Designers’ colorful designs, too! Upload their Penny Black stamped projects to our Penny Circle Flickr Gallery and/or our Facebook page. And special thanks to Maddi for sharing her amazing coloring with us today!


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Card 1: 40-513 Burst of Blooms, 30-404 Spiritual Snippets
Card 2: 40-508 Gladsome, 30-406 All Great Things
Card 3: 40-507 Awaken, 30-409 Faith


Coloring BLISS with Peet

February 27, 2017


With open areas and fun details, many stamps from our newest collection, BLISS 2017, are perfect for coloring! This week our designers have created simple, one-layer stamped designs and then grabbed their favorite coloring mediums to bring them to life. If you are a coloring enthusiast, we think you will especially love these new designs featured this week: 40-513 Burst of Blooms, 40-507 Awaken, 40-508 Gladsome, and 30-418 Stitched Flowers.



Peet stamped our floral design, 40-513 Burst of Blooms, onto watercolor paper and colored it using Derwent Inktense pencils.


By masking her image and stamping several times, she was able to completely cover her background.


Here’s a look at her stamped panel before color…


… and after!


To finish of her colorful design, Peet added our Creative Die, 51-339 You Enjoy.


The result is one fun and happy card.



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alexandra’s Sunday scrapbooking – Stencil & Art Journal

February 26, 2017
Hello dear Friends! Welcome to another edition of scrapbooking with Penny Black inc. products. It had been a while, a year actually it seems, since I had last played in my art journal so today, I thought I would share a new double page made with stencils: Patina #25-018 and Oscillations #25-014. I hope you’ll join me over @ art scrap & more. Thank you!

Runs with Scissors

February 25, 2017


Hello, Penny Black friends. I am delighted to welcome you to the Penny Black Blog which I happily commandeer on a weekly basis. I have taken the welcome mat literally and I just keep showing up. So far, no one has changed the locks.

I’ve had another chance to work with (play with?) the stamps and dies in the new Bliss release. The ideas came fast and furiously. This week I have done “cute”, “not so cute” and “floral”. All in all, a little something for everyone.


This is a “no stamping allowed” card. I’ve used three dies: Mommy & Me Owls, Nature Borders and Birthday. I blended Luxe inks on white cardstock for the blue background, after taping off the bottom of the card. I then blended Distress inks on kraft cardstock for the owls. Mama Owl’s tummy is the cut out from a second Mama Owl I cut out. The Nature Border perfectly divides the sections of the card, allowing the Happy Birthday sentiment to be featured against white cardstock. I love the contemporary font on this Happy Birthday, especially for cards for kids.


For my second cute card, I’ve used another of the Fairy Flutters little fairies, this time dressed in purple. The Polaroid die cut frames a portion of the Heart Drops die cut (I told you it wasn’t just for Valentine’s Day) and provides a place for the sweet fairy to hang out. That Beautiful Blossom die cut is beautiful in purple and white with a touch of green leaves. The Spiritual Snippets set is the source for the “Wonderful” sentiment.


I am loving the size of the feathers cut with the Light as a Feather die. I first blended a variety of Distress and Luxe inks on white cardstock and then cut the feathers from that. This “Wonderful” sentiment is from the Word Express set. The colors I have used here make this a good masculine card, but pink or blue feathers would be lovely for a more feminine look.

Love Story Part 3(continued)

Find Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

This love story continues with my return to work on Monday to face my co-workers and their questions about how the date had gone. They had all heard my statements about how this couldn’t possibly go well, but I was determined to go through with the date just to please Marsha.

I related how we had a wonderful climb on Ferry Bluff, the eagles, the fireplace at Blackhawk Ridge and how unflustered the Voice was about having to give my son a ride home from skiing. I shared my opinion that he most likely wasn’t interested in seeing me again, but that we had to pair him up with someone. I also noted he was tall and rather good looking. He was interesting, fun and easy to be with and he was looking for a long term relationship. And I also believed that was that as far as anymore dates.

Until that Wednesday when I arrived home from work to find a large kraft envelope among the mail. Inside was a sketch of a butterfly he had done and a note. Would I like to go to church with him next Sunday. He would pick me and the boys up and we would drive to the nearby town of Merrimac to attend church in a small chapel and then all of us out to breakfast to the restaurant that was formerly a jail. Obviously, he had done his homework about our area.

Since I hadn’t asked for or been given his phone number, I dashed off a note that I mailed the next day saying we would love to do church and breakfast on Sunday. He had obviously remembered my telling him how important raising my family was and how I had preferred for a long time doing things with my kids rather than dating.

I was in a state of disbelief and also a bit concerned that I hadn’t been totally honest about the size of my family! It hadn’t been an issue as long as I believed I would never see him again, but all of a sudden it became something I was going to have to talk about eventually. But that Wednesday evening it didn’t seem necessary.

Until Friday evening, when my daughter came home for a surprise visit from college. Of course I had to tell her my plans for Sunday and she generously suggested I leave her in charge of her early teen brothers (who weren’t very interested in joining me on my date) and I go off with the Voice alone.

Now it WAS necessary to contact the Voice and admit to at least one more child. I was hopeful that a daughter in college wouldn’t be too big a shock and maybe one by one I could eventually admit to all five. Dear Reader, I just wasn’t ready to be rejected again.

So that Saturday I tried reaching him by telephone. I checked with the information operator (remember those?) asking for a phone number, person’s last name Young at the address from the envelope. There was no such person, according to their records.

Oh, dear. What had I gotten myself into? Was this man using a false name? Why wasn’t he listed in Directory Assistance? Was this a scam? He had my address, had been to my house and he didn’t really exist?

It was a pretty sleepless night and I was up bright and early Sunday morning, waiting for him to arrive. The boys and my daughter were still asleep when the Voice arrived, but I was glad they were in the house in case things didn’t go well.

I cautiously opened the door when he knocked. (100 year old house, remember?) I was dressed for church in case this was somehow a misunderstanding. While he was still standing on my porch, I shared with him my concerns that there was no one with his name listed in Directory Assistance when I had tried calling him the day before. I told him I wanted to let him know we could change the plan to just the two of us for church and breakfast because my daughter was home from college. I was very concerned he wasn’t being honest with me (oh, the irony).

First, he explained to me the reason Directory Assistance had no information about him was because I was spelling “Young” wrong; he pronounced his name “Young” but it was spelled Jung. Well, that took care of that little problem. On to a bigger problem: the daughter in college part.

The Voice was obviously concerned that I had mentioned only two sons in my reply to his ad. I explained to him that I had said “two sons at home”. He didn’t seem as upset about there being a daughter as he was about my not being totally truthful. “Oh dear”, I thought, “this is only going to get worse in a few minutes.”

It didn’t even take that long as the next question came immediately, “Are there any more surprises?” he asked. “Two”, I replied. And then waited. Mentally, I was already changing my clothes and planning a day with my three kids. This wasn’t going well and wouldn’t take long.

To be continued…


I didn’t realize it until the card was finished, but the birds perched on a blooming branch from the Fragrant Flowers set have an Asian look when colored as I have done here. I couldn’t wait to try the Leaf Edger die so I made it a part of this card. I am anxious to use that die in other ways, so stay tuned.


I have said it before: I love how the brushstroke stamp images appear to be water colored, even though they may not be water colored. For this Peony image, I applied several shades of pink Luxe inks directly to the stamp. The MISTI made it possible to apply the several shades, one layer at a time. MISTI makes using the stamps in the Footnotes set easy also. I used to have trouble lining up the stamp correctly to stamp it repeatedly for a full background. Now I just moved the musical notes stamp in that set up the MISTI, using the grid until the background is complete.


Hooray for me! I really did watercolor the Dynamic poppy before I fussy cut it. Again, I created my background by blending Distress inks and then stamping the entire page using the book type stamp from the Footnotes set. The strip on the side is the other border die in the Nature Borders die set. I thought the touch of white brightened up the card.


I have a good reason for posting this photo of Cooper. It is one of many taken by Vicki who, along with her husband, takes care of Cooper when we travel. I have written many times how Cooper loves being at their home playing with their dog Deuce. We leave Cooper knowing he is having a good time while we are away and that he is safe and well cared for. Sadly, Vicki sent us and her other clients an email last week announcing they will be leaving the area for the beaches of South Carolina as soon they sell their home. Dear Readers, my heart hurt and my throat closed when I read the news. Having such an amazing place with amazing people to care for Cooper was a real blessing for us. After sending Vicki an email begging her to change her mind, I did wish them well as they follow their dream to be within walking distance of a beach. Vicki assures me they have a guest room and dogs are also welcomed. I haven’t had the heart to tell Cooper yet.

For all of you frustrated that this love story is taking a while, take heart. Things will speed up soon. I promise I won’t document every date or bump in the road. But all stories must have a beginning, a middle and an end and some tension or it wouldn’t be a story at all. I have stowed the scissors, cleaned up the puddles from the water coloring (I wonder if Jill and Mimi make puddles) and tidied up the studio. From here, I will be spending time at the Penny Circle Flickr Gallery where I hope you are posting your work using Penny Black stamps and dies.


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Fun Friday: 3D Delights

February 24, 2017


For the next month, our Fridays will be EXTRA fun as we share designer Elizabeth Allan’s amazing creations featuring our Creative Die set, 51-342 3D Animal.


Perhaps we should call today Foxy Fun Friday!


Elizabeth’s design certainly is a show-stopper.


We love how she’s incorporated a speech bubble (51-003 Chat Bubbles), giving this 3D animal even more personality.


The background for her friendly fox was created using our die set, 51-265 Woodland Scene.


It’s the perfect choice for layering and even more added dimension.




One more thing… TGIF!


“Like” our page on Facebook for exclusive inspiration by Birgit Edblom!



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BLISSful Brushstrokes with Birgit

February 23, 2017

Our designers have been getting inky with our newest collection of stamps, dies, and stencils—BLISS 2017, now available in our online store! This week they share their tips, techniques, and gorgeous cards featuring our new brushstroke stamps.  


How does Birgit get inky with our brushstroke stamps? Look no further than her gorgeous card with 40-539 Effulgent.



Give it a try…

Birgit’s preferred medium when working with brushstroke stamps is Caran D’Ache Neocolor Artist Crayons. She simply colors onto the stamp, lightly mists with water, and then stamps onto textured cardstock. Once dry, using an ink blending tool and foam pad, she sponges green Distress Ink near the stems. She also adds a few details with a white gel pen for a finished look. (Full supplies and instructions linked below.)


And for an artsy embellishment, Birgit has used our Creative Die 51-006 Flutters.





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